How to find Harmony Mainnet on Metamask Mobile

It won’t pull it up. I can’t pull up the custom option either. It isn’t there. All I can do is select Add Token and spell it in there and nothing pulls up. I have it synced to my desktop on Metamask as well which makes this frustrating.

Hello Nick, have you gone through the metamask tutorial here? Metamask - Harmony

I’m assuming so, but what OS are you using? I have experience with iOS, but could probably navigate Android as well.

I figured it out, but it was confusing, because it is different the way you set it up on the desktop and the mobile. Now I’ve got to figure out the best place to stake or farm yields and add liquidity. Got any places you like. I’ve been looking at Viper Swap and Sushi now, but a lot of it is confusing on Sushi

I’ve tried both Viper, LOOT, and sushi. I like viper the best and it’s snake month! It is interesting to try out but do note the understandable risk it poses. Whereas staking ONE in with a validator community could earn you safer rewards of ONE.

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I am just having the worst time jumping in. I keep confusing myself on what certain things mean on the pools and the steps involved where I don’t want to make a mistake or do something foolish or forget a step that causes damage. I pulled my One out because I figured if I make some mistakes it would be less costly with One since the price of the token is so low currently.

Oh, and what is snake month? Lol! Here’s something I found to send you down the rabbit hole!

IMO, play around with less than 3k ONE to see it work well. You can test with under 100 ez to see the processes work. There are some fees along the way, but they’re typically manageable and low cost. Viper, imo, is the simplest and cleanest to get started. The PIT is a great way to stake if you want some gains but not worry about pairing and the headaches from that. Staking in the pit is a kin to putting a currency in a savings and receiving some interest % based on amount stored. LP staking is kind of confusing at first because it is somewhat unclear what’s actually happening along each step you take. Basically, you get the currencies, you add them together into a pair, confirm, received paired token count, add liquidity of LP tokens to designated pool, confirm, deposit, and finally you’re done earning rewards. I may be off a little bit on confirm stages but basically that many steps just to get to LP. Inside of the steps it took you to get to that point.

Yeah, that pairing process and then where to move the liquidity tokens feels a bit confusing. I’ve watched a ton of videos on the process, but they move so fast. I just bought some more Harmony tokens an hour ago. I want to start farming.

You should check out viper staking again. The emission rate is looking good.

I am wanting to. I have bought quite a bit more since we first started talking. Is there a specific one going currently that you recommend? Hard to decide with the pairing and everything.

I did the VIPER|ONE pair. I’ve been in it for some time, on and off with different amounts of LP staked or viper in the pit. I tend to focus on whatever has the highest amount of emission on the dexs. Idk if it’s a great strategy, but I try to find a way to get a decent bit of coin with minimal risk getting stuck with an impermanent loss trade. The viper|one pair has been good for that and have been coming out on the positive side for the most part.

Also, I think you need to decided why and what your goals are for the staking. E.g. I have staked ETH2 on CB, but I don’t plan on selling any of that for a long time if ever at this point. As for Viper staking, I’m looking at more like an off and on trade/farming strategy. Get some profits from it and reallocate for more coins, but also continue the gain. I think the viper dex has the potential to continue to be a main trading platform on the harmony network. Some of the dexs on the network I’m not as bullish on because of goals, UI/Web Presence, and overall availability to information.

To check the price of ONE to Viper. I just use 1000 ONE as default and see how much it gets in VIPER. so last week i saw 1kONE/72viper and this week its 1k/68. The price indicator on the swap tab i have set to ONE per Viper. so current price I’m seeing is 14.6752 ONE per Viper.

Yeah, that is what I was mainly hoping to do. A One and Viper swap type of pool. My plan is to. hold long term, but I’d like to farm as much as possible in order to comile as many One tokens as I can. I want to farm rewards, but then eventually swap back to a One token where I can keep adding to the overall bag.

By the way, have you looked at the farming and liquidity pools for Fantom? They look pretty good as well from some of the videos I’ve been watching.

Man, I finally did it on Viper and now I am totally confused and have no idea what I just did.

Hey sorry for being spotty with replies!

If you want to do a web call, we can go over it together and I can show you how using my phone in the meeting. Let me know you’re thoughts and we can do it!

Yeah, I’d be down with that. I got into Viper and Sushi by the way. I’d love to. compare thoughts on the pools and what to do next. The rewards in Viper look nice so far. Let me know what we need to do for a web call. I’m all for it.

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