Harmony Pay - Stage 2 Integrations & growth

Name of Project / DAO / Company

Harmony Pay

Application type

Product Launch, Investment

Proposal overview

For Digital currency to be able to scale into an economy we believe it needs to be more than a storage of value. The Blockchain has given us an amazing opportunity to enhance, scale and reinvent the economy.

The Harmony Pay team is working toward helping bringing traditional shoppers and eCommerce users and clients to use and be familiar with crypto in a way that already used to, e.g. Shopping, trading, offer services, subscribers, making business transactions etc.
We want to bring those clients to use the Harmony network.

Harmony Pay Team officially launched Stage 1 on the 26th of September 2021.
We launched the the Expert Mode WordPress / WooCommerce plugin. Fully open source fully decentralised and independent.


Within hours we had inquiries asking if it works with Shopify, Magneto or other 3rd party eCommerce platforms.
Our thinking behind Harmony Pay is to keep it Independent and running on users servers.
However, even people that know how to install applications on Linux servers found it difficult to install, despite we created an easy to run script.
The Feedback was “We just need an API that works with our platform

We knew that would be the case and already working on our integrations and making the the installation more user friendly.

We will keep the Expert Mode always free open source and independent for anyone who wishes to install it alone.

The plan is The Harmony Team to offer 2 more installation options and make the installation and use of
Harmony Pay very easy and intuitive so anyone that has an e-shop can install it without technical knowledge. We will also produce easy step by step video tutorials.

The Decentralised option where the Harmony Pay Team will offer to install the Harmony Pay Gateway for a user using our recommended VPS. All the installation and making sure all is working fine will be offered at one off reasonable fee.
In this option the user is independent and 100% decentralised.

Then we will offer the EASY Mode , a centralised server where the user simply opens an account and after installation they set up the Harmony Pay plugin and just install their API key. This will be a subscription service.
There will be a easy step by step guide

We will also work on the following:

Integrations ROADMAP

  • Build Harmony Pay integration with NextJS Commerce (sdk)
  • Build Harmony Pay integration with Gatsby (sdk)
  • Build Harmony Pay extension for Magento
  • Build Harmony Pay plugin for Opencart
  • Build Harmony Pay plugin for Prestashop
  • Build Harmony Pay integration with Shopify
  • Build Harmony Pay integration with BigCommerce
  • Build Harmony Pay plugin for Saleor.io headless ecommerce
  • Build Harmony Pay integration with Ecwid
  • Build Harmony Pay plugin for VirtueMart (Joomla CMS ecommerce extension)
  • Implement DEFI swap feature to *fiat auto settlements

Finally we are producing a Web3 subscription service and the prototype will be available very soon. We aim to include that product within Stage 2

We did a research and found the following


Total Live Sites - 3,491,724
source: WooCommerce Checkout Usage Statistics


Total Live Sites - 206,162
source: Magento Usage Statistics


Total Live Sites - 331,251
source: PrestaShop Usage Statistics


Total Live Sites - 452,920
source: OpenCart Usage Statistics



Total Live Sites - 53,974
source: BigCommerce Usage Statistics


Total Live Sites - 882,130
source: Ecwid Usage Statistics


Total Live Sites - 57,666
source: VirtueMart Usage Statistics

TOTALS: 7,049.145

1% = +/- 70491 shops

*data collected: 23/09/2021

Part of Stage 2 is also the Marketing Strategy. We have the targets below which we believe are achievable and looking to creating a stategy in parallel to developing the Harmony Pay product.
Currently we are asking people to install the plug in and willing to help at least 10 users for free.
This will enable us to receive feedback and form a better understanding how we can attract more users.

There is an unofficial “space race” on other networks to who will offer the best integrated system and protocols for payments TradFi <-> DeFi
We want to bring the attention to Harmony Network. We want to deliver a product that will attract the attention of investors as well as users.

In Brief

We are asking for an investment/ grant to finish stage 2 of Harmony Pay which will include

  • Integration with more eCommerce platforms
  • User Friendly Dashboard and easy installation options, more Docs
  • Seamless DEFI swap feature to fiat auto settlements
  • Marketing strategy and implementation of that strategy.
  • Recurring payments

Looking into the future

There is Stage 3…

Harmony Pay Team

Proposal ask

$35K to $50K
This is based on 400h spread over 2.5 to 3.5 month part time work for 2 existing developers and potentially may add a 3rd collaborator in the team.

Metrics for success

Initial 10 Users while developing and growing the product
Q2 2022 500 users
Q3 2022 1500+ users
Q1 2023 5000 users
Q2 2023 10000+ users
Familiarise & attract Non Crypto users
Create interest & attract investors
Twitter and Discord increase followers and interactions

External links

Harmony Pay Landing Page
Launch Medium Article
Harmony Pay on Twitter
Harmony Pay on Discord
Live and Fully operational Harmony Shop using Harmony Pay


Nice proposal!
we need really implementation with e-comerce!
my YES!


We would like to introduce and include The Harmonist our NFT subscription and royalties service proposal to be part of this Project.
The Harmony Pay then can offer built in subscription services.

Looking forward to your feedback :slightly_smiling_face:

@drspinosa Adam, good to see you’ve put this up here. Highly attractive proposition. Integrating with eCommerce platforms is easy. I believe 2 weeks of work will get you close, 1 month will get you integrated with several platforms, including UI.

  1. ADOPTION - The focus of having hundreds or thousands of e-Commerce sites adopt Harmony Pay is secondary. I’d propose that your primary focus be on real adoption to drive real users through Harmony Pay and using a wallet to pay with $ONEs, instead of just seeing an impression of the Harmony Pay, but paying with credit cards instead.

  2. INCENTIVES - This brings about the question of WHY someone would use such a thing? There must be some incentives, such as a discount program, or point system tracked by $ONE payments. A rewards club. A gift card with 10% bonus ONEs. Things of that nature, to incentivize people to pay with $ONEs

  3. FIAT ONRAMP - The team need to also look at ways for people to onramp to $ONEs, once there are incentives for them to do so. Payment gateways will be your next discussions, to find the right partners as a merchant gateway willing to take a local fiat currency and convert it into ONEs. This should be part of the e-Commerce checkout step. They have £43.72 worth on their cart but they are willing to spend £100 on a $ONE gift card in order to have a £110 value on it. That’s the real deal.

  4. WALLET INTEGRATION - One word, Frictionless. The payment process MUST be frictionless. Once they have a way to purchase ONEs into a wallet, they should be able to use this wallet everywhere. Talk to us about our upcoming 1Wallet initiative.

We’re willing to fund you a Launch grant to get a proof of concept up and running. Let’s chat further on Telegram.


Hi Jack

Thanks for the reply and interest. I will have a bit of think about your comments and reach out on Telegram

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E-commerce and 2 (soon to be 1) second finality for vendors, what’s not to like.


After a fruitful meeting with @Jacksteroo from the Harmony core team, Harmony Pay’s next steps and direction are:

  • Develop our existing Harmony Pay www.harmonypay.one to an easy to install plugin for various platforms. Focusing on Word Press and Shopify first followed by Magneto, Opencart, BigCommerce and Ecwid.

  • We will have a Getaway Dashboard where merchants can open accounts and receive API’s that will monitor and process their Harmony Pay transactions at their check outs

  • A KYC issue was raised. We will be investigating to creating a seamless integration for compliance and preventing fraudulent transactions.

  • Adoption and Growth

  • Set up a Company and a DAO as Non-Exec Directors – TBD

Comments, Ideas and questions from the community are welcome


@drspinosa Congratulations, you’ve been approved for $50K! Looking forward to having your team launch Phase 2. The Testnet and Mainnet launches here refer to Phase 2 features.

  • Easy to install plugins for various platforms (at least 4 out of the 6 mentioned, focused on WP & Shopify)
  • Gateway Dashboard - available to merchants
  • KYC/AML gating - a mechanism to gate shipments of products/services over a certain (e.g. < $200) amount
  • Adoption & Growth - $20K after 10,000 mainnet wallet interactions
  • DAO formation - $10K upon formation

Fund release schedule as below:

Applications of each launch must have prototyped a feature-full product. Harmony helps incubate these founding teams with product development, fundraising, and talent recruit. We recommend a $50K equity-free contribution each: $10K after launching a feature-complete product on our testnet, $10K after mainnet launch, $10K after forming a DAO with its community, and $20K for after 10K users.


Please checkout the next steps at the Funding FAQ. Thanks!

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Congratulations on the funding! I think this is a superb project and fundamental to the growth of Harmony across wider communities.

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DAO type

Formation and tuning of Harmony Pay DAO

Proposal Into / Overview

UK Harmony Pay is a concept that became reality after the successful completion of a Harmony development hackathon. At Phase 1 a payment Getaway was created with a functional WordPress plugin for WooCommerce. The plug in is fully operational on Harmony Mainnet and £ONE as well as other HRC20 tokens can be used to buy goods and services. A live implementation is on the Dezigne Marketplace.

At Harmony Pay we believe that one of many ways to grow the Harmony Network and adoption is to work with existing platforms and create evolutionary bridges. Also, we think by creating everyday utility for $ONE and HRC20 tokens it showcases the ability of Harmony network to act as a platform for financial services.

Phase 2 of Harmony Pay is for further integration and growth. This phase has been approved by Harmony and $50K grand is allocated. Funds include the formation of Harmony Pay DAO.

The Harmony DAO will act as a catalyst and a launchpad to form The Harmony Pay company in UK (and potentially in other countries). The DAO will also plan and deliver Phase 2. The DAO will act as an organic recruiting agent occasionally inviting suitable members to participate in the project

After the Harmony Pay company formation the DAO will continue as an advisory board and will interact with the community. It will also oversee the ethical governance of Harmony Pay company. The Harmony DAO could potentially form an NPO and work closely with the community in the near future.

The Harmony Pay DAO will also act as an initial stage for recruiting people to the Harmony Pay Company.

An initial server based on Linux and Plesk dashboard is already bought and set up. That server will initially run the payment getaway and will offer customer UI & support. The harmonypay.io is already registered with that server. The Harmony DAO at this initial stage will recruit and work with developer(s) creating a collaborative culture.

The recruitment will be direct or as part of a series of mini hackathons that the DAO will coordinate.

Mandates of Harmony UK DAO

  • Company Formation

  • Team Formation to deliver Phase 2

  • Business plan using Agile approach

  • Adoption : Onboard and Inspire new community members through Practical and Theoretical Educational events. Potentially subscription format to free Newsletters.

  • Engagement : Approach community, institutions and companies for forming strategic collaborations as well as education & Demonstrate interoperability and bridging of traditional finance with DeFi.
    Collaborate with other DAOs. Social media promos and interactions

  • Inclusivity : Utilise community initiatives to create and encourage active community participation across all platforms. Encourage collaboration.

  • Investors : Set up a platform (IPO level) to find and work with investors to scale up Harmony Pay company.

What the Harmony DAO can do

  • Research and Development

  • Achieve setting up the Harmony Pay company in UK most likely to be a Ltd type of company with the DAO as advisory board. Investigate on how it can set up companies in other countries.

  • At the initial stage to create collaborations and strategic alliances with developers the Harmony community and other crypto and non-Crypto talented individual

  • Team formation: Form a high-performance team starting with a small focused agile team to deliver the Harmony Pay Getaway (Phase 2), integration plugins and a user-friendly Dashboard.

  • Write technical briefs & specifications and oversea the Agile project development cycle until the Harmony Pay Phase 2 is released and Harmony Pay Company is formed. After the DAO to become an advisory non-Executive panel that will have paid and volunteering members that will continue to help grow the company. It will also act as the first step to recruiting talent for the Harmony Pay company. I will also maintain transparency and good corporate culture

  • Infrastructure: The DAO will set up the infrastructure for Harmony pay to operate efficiently and support clients.

  • Marketing: Create a marketing plan for Harmony Pay company

  • Investigate and potentially create or adopt a native Token

  • Support - Be a centre point of Reference for Harmony Pay In-person / Virtual Events and Networking for community growth and collaboration.
    part customer service until the Company is forms and has a customer service support team

  • Safety – Promote and Educate Retail and eCommerce clients on Blockchain Safety / Promoting Benefits of Harmony Pay and how ONE Wallet will operate in an eCommerce environment safely. Establish human friendly KYC. Investigate and finds ways to KYC the Harmony Pay Project

  • Developers – Assisting to Promote Harmony Blockchain and Simplify onboarding of New Developers work in collaboration to deliver and grow Harmony Pay Project in the long term.

  • Publicise – Article Generation / reviews / General Mixed Media to generate Interest / Excitement from Retail and Professional marketplaces. Collaborate with Local Media and Universities

  • AMAs – Knowledgeable and Credible presence within team for Q&As. Be a Trusted Update Reference Point for Harmony Pay Users.

  • Promote – Community Representation for Diverse Community Needs through DAO. How-to Literature and Harmony Pay Reviews and Special Featured Media / Interviews

  • Corporate, collaborations/ Sponsors – Work with Exchanges and Other e-commerce providers forming strategic collaborations.

  • Social Media – A Healthy Combined Social Media following for assisting in Promotion of the DAO and its Goals. Help onboard the use of Harmony Pay

  • The Harmony Pay DAO will also work into potentially having validator Node and an HRC20 token

Multisig Safe Wallet Info


Information of Governors

  1. Adam Spinos (Drspinosa) – CEO and founder, Project management, Co-Ordinator, Tech documentations, some hands-on work on the development and marketing/ social media.
  2. **Carlos Guimaraes -**Tech/ Dev: (potentially Co-Founder CTO (TBD)) Technical Content, Development direction Hands on project Development.
  3. Miguel Jeria (Heaven Validator) - Main Roles: Technical Content, Event Planning, Community Social Outreach (Social Media & Creative). Harmony Pay Node
  4. Social media member/ Community Engagement (TBD) – Main Roles: Social Content & Marketing interact with social media set up Discord channels(TBD) Currently Adam is working on the social media however this Governor position is available.
  5. Mike Agua (StakiusX) – NFT direction Main Roles: investigate NFT value into payment systems. Potentially help create NFT collections and NFT payment interactions with payment contracts or exchange for services and goods as a preparation for Stage 3 growth
  6. Kelly Knowles - Business Development & Community Engagement - Main Roles: Dev Outreach & Business Proposal Onboarding, interact with social media and the business communities. Helping manage the DAO, Tech for good initiatives.
  7. Alison Hand (AlixHand) – Admin and “housekeeping” collect weekly time sheets arrange timely payments and keep a record o ONEs spent and basic bookkeeping of fiat payments

The cofounder team will be formed as part of the Harmony Pay Company formation and not the DAO formation. At least one member of the cofounder team will be in the board of DAO Governors. Adam is founder and open positions for 1-2 cofounders is available and open for discussion.

Proposal Ask amendment

To achieve longevity and sustainable growth for The Harmony Pay DAO and the successful formation of The Harmony Pay company we are asking for an amended budget of the allocated $10K to $25K and to be released upon the official DAO team formation:

$25K (USD)

The agile approach is based on teamwork, close collaboration with customers and stakeholders, flexibility, and ability to quickly respond to changes. The basic building blocks of agile development are iterations; each one of them includes planning, analysis, design, development, and testing.

Metrics for success

  1. Deliver Phase 2 Harmony Pay

  2. Form the Harmony Pay company

  3. Establish cofounder members for the Harmony pay Company, 2-3 cofounders

  4. Generate a Business plan of action, Road map and framework of the company

  5. Write tech specifications and brief for Developers.

  6. Establish Strategic collaborations and partnerships with at least 1 established Dev, 1 Influencer and an established company

  7. Grow social Media Presence to Over 500 Followers on Twitter and Equal Number on Telegram and Discord.

  8. Run Safety / Educational Workshops in Different Cities in collaboration with The UK Harmony DAO (when formed). Partner with Local Media or Educational Bodies for Event Collaboration and Exposure.

  9. Generate How to content

  10. Establish and grow the Website.

  11. Recruit talent and develop hackathons

  12. Offer at least one microgrant / hackathon for developing Phase 2

  13. Offer support and feedback to the Harmony Core team to improve and develop the network.

  14. Recruit talented people in the UK and internationally.


Harmony Pay Company site : www.harmonypay.io

Harmony Pay Getaway & WP plugin, DIY site : www.harmonypay.one

Twitter : https://twitter.com/HarmonyPayOne

Telegram : Telegram: Join Group Chat use this for chat group for development
Telegram: Contact @harmony_pay Use this group for Community and general chat

Discord : Discord

GitHub : Harmony Pay · GitHub

Notion by invite to team members only : www.notion.so

General email: harmonypay.one@gmail.com

Medium Article : Harmony Pay — A crypto payment that makes sense Harmony Pay — A crypto payment that makes sense | by Adam Spinos | Medium

Phase 1 Harmony Pay Hackathon (completed): Harmony Pay - WordPress Plugin · Issue #55 · harmony-one/bounties · GitHub

Phase 2 Harmony Pay : Harmony Pay - Stage 2 Integrations & growth

Live and fully operational Harmony Shop using Harmony Pay on Dezigne Marketplace (Mainnet & Testnet) : www.market.dezigne.co.uk/store/harmony-store

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This is also an open invitation to
Developers, Marketing social media people that want to be part of the DAO

Ideally we are looking for one Tech and one Social media people

Some fantastic news Kelly a Business Developer manager from the non-crypto Business space decided to be part of the Governors team. With her greater Communication and business onboarding skills we cant wait to work with her.

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Harmony Pay DAO is ready.
Just looking for one more Gov on the Tech/ Dev side. Nothing Taxing just some guidance and support.

I noticed it may sound “heavy and techy” being part of this DAO.

So in brief:
The DAO is part of the Harmony Pay app and forming a viable company and eventually the DAO will become an advisory board and possibly offers tech for good when the Harmony Pay company grows. At the moment the role of the DAO is tech research, building a high-performance dev team, recruiting and chatting on social media. When there is a bit of time some educational events and represent the project at summits and tech expo events.

All cool and fun building up a business :sunglasses: :rocket:


hi, so you are looking for a DAO participant right.

“When there is a bit of time some educational events and represent the project at summits and tech expo events”

I can help with this for sure

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Hi Paula thanks for the reply.

Developing the App to become user friendly and adding more plugins is the first goal. In parallel it is the business side setup and Business development as well as setting up the social media especially the Discord channel.

After that we will need small funky how-to videos will you be able to help with those?

Also, at some point when “the tech” can be installed and operated by anyone non-tech savvy we would like to attend Tech shows. In those shows we would like to have some educational presentations. At this point we will be at Stage 3 of the project.

Please follow our channels and see if there is something you can work on. I will also be posting here official announcements.

By the way how do you see an educational framework for Harmony Pay can form? Open for a discussion

@drspinosa we can fund the original $10K and it helps form the team, and going forward, the project in itself should hopefully generate a lot of interest and adoption that it’ll help bootstrap the project and the team.

Approving to release the $10K funds for DAO formation

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@Jacksteroo This is amazing news we will work with what we got.

By the way we are looking for more people to join preferably 1-2 more developers more towards Web2 to develop an attractive, functional website and dashboard. official announcement later but open to ask questions or join now.

first $10K funded: Harmony Blockchain Explorer

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Thank you very much. There is a lot of work ahead of us to build a community and the DAO.

On another note a Test-net product is almost ready even possible to sent it out later today or tomorrow
There is a Beta Testers channel in our Discord https://discord.gg/Ku2UeAJk
Welcome anyone to be able to test our demo shops and dashboard and give us some feedback