Harmony presents the Unreal Event at SXSW

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“PSA gallery for an unofficial SXSW underground NFT Art and Live Music Showcase brought to you by Harmony” and “Unreal Event @ SXSW brought to you by Harmony”

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We expect 200-300 people through the day staying for 1 hour to 5 hours, enjoying the music, the art, the talks and the people.

Price is $3000 for the title package as described above.

Event Overview

Come through to PSA gallery for an unofficial SXSW underground NFT Art and Live Music Showcase sponsored by Harmony

The UnReal Event is the collision of Art, Music, Culture and Technology

Join us for this paradigm shifting event, as you will be exposed to new ideas, music, and art. We have pioneers in the Blockchain and Space Industries coming together with local artists and musicians for this creative technology experience.

Raffle for a free NFT and signed canvas print from the artist.

Free entry before 7:30

PSA Gallery

820 Shelby Ln Austin, TX

March 12th, 2022 || 3:00PM - 12:00AM


Eric Salwon VP of FireFly Aerospace

Irina Litchfield Partner at Percival Capital

Brian Christensen Founder of BlockCities

Major Dream Williams Founder of MOB Culture

Live Music:

Zach Friday

Jaime Ospinas


Lunar Eclectic





Know Matter


• Bored Ape NFT Art

• Yieldasaurus

• Christian Amadeus Rodriguez

• William Allan Ross

• Natassia Wilde

• Samantha Anne

• Jenna Pixels

• Spencer Smith

Full Line Up

3:00-3:45PM Zach Friday

3:45-4:00PM Speaker TBA

4:00-4:20PM ‘Moving Culture Forward’ with Major Dream Williams (Speaker)

4:20-5:20PM Doppel

5:20-5:40PM ‘Stopping the Space Wars’ with Irina Litchfield of Percival Capital

5:40-6:40PM Jaime Ospinas

6:40-6:50PM Speaker Harmony

6:50-7:10PM ‘Gamifying the Future’ with Brian Christensen of BlockCities (Speaker)

7:10 -7:30PM ‘FireFly Me To The Moon’ with Eric Salwon of FireFly Aerospace (Speaker)

7:30-8:30PM Satalights

8:30-9:30PM Lunar Eclectic

9:30-12:00PM fy00g, Know Matter, Crochet, Lefty

This is going to be a big year for content at SXSW

we are looking forward to sponsoring The Unreal Event at SXSW and we have approved this proposal so that harmony can strengthen our collaboration with local artists and community members in Austin.

per our guidelines on supporting events, particularly for developers: $300M+ on Bounties, Grants & DAOs 1

" * 10+100 Events ($10M). Organizers of each event follow our templates to bring in new builders. Harmony has success with Gitcoin, DoraHacks, ETH Global and DevPost with $2M+ campaigns. We recommend hosting our own quarterly hackathons with $1M prizes each, sponsoring $100K workshops for industry-wide conferences, giving $50K keynotes in regional events, and empowering 100 local organizers – with $1K budget for a 20-attendee 2-speaker event, or $5K for 50 with 4 speakers, and $10K for 100 with a co-sponsor."

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The Event was a success! Lots of positive feedback and we’re planning for the next UnReal Event in June!

this grant has been funded: Harmony Blockchain Explorer

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@Moonbase I hear this was a huge success. Can you share some of the tweets and posts from other social media? If you have any metrics about the number of people attended, that’ll be even better :blue_heart: