Harmony Tokens Don’t Appear

Transaction Hashtag: Ethereum Transaction Hash (Txhash) Details | Etherscan

I have a client that used their Coinbase wallet to Swap $ETH to $ONE (HRC20 - 1ONE). They then sent $1ONE to a new Harmony one address ending in bc1a2.

We imported her One wallet into MetaMask and added the Custom tokken using the contract address 0xd5cd84d6f044abe314ee7e414d37cae8773ef9d3.
After the token was added no funds were displayed. Under the wallet transactions history in Etherscan it shows the funds on the account (bc1a2)

Can someone help us out in why the funds are not showing on the metamask wallet to swap or bridge to native $ONE. I appreciate your time.

You cannot send an erc20 token to the harmony chain. You must withdraw on the right chain HRC20 to harmony wallet directly or when there is only the ERC20(eth) or BEP20(binance smart chain) option available use the bridge to bring it to the harmony network.

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Thank you. We were able to resolve the issue with the Harmony bridge.

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