USDT disappeared

I was trying to recover my lost USDT which I`ve sent earlier to my Harmony wallet, using the following instructions:

But it didn’t help. May I ask for your kind support and give me some hints on how to step forward?

The long story short: Ive initiated a USDT transfer to my Harmony wallet, and since these networks arent compatible, I found a site, which can reveal the One link as an ETH link.

My Harmony Address:


According to the Harmony Address Explorer, my ETH address is:


Once I got the ETH link, I sent my USDT from my Metamask wallet to that address.

The transaction hash, according to the Etherscan:


Unfortunately this money hasn’t appeared in my Harmony wallet yet.

Do you have any idea, how to get it back, or how to make it available in my Harmony wallet?

Thank you for your kind answer in advance!

Please share your transaction.

So the ‘ETH’ option in the explorer is just changing the address format from one1… to 0x…
it is still the same chain.

But when using MetaMask on multiple chains you keep your public address so you could try to setup MetaMask as described here:

Export the private key from your “Harmony One Extension Wallet”, must be this wallet:

Import it into MetaMask.
Switch to Ethereum chain.
Here should be your funds in this wallet.
(You may need to import the USDT token into metamask.)

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Hi Severin,

great, thank you for your reply, I appreciate it very much!
Finally I could import my Harmony as you suggested and my lost 200 USDT finally appeared in my Metamask.

Thanks a lot, you made my day!

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Cool, really glad it worked out. :sunglasses: :+1: