Heil DeFi - HEFI

Name of Project

Heil DeFi
this is from hackathon track 9 cross border fiat gateways

Application Type


Proposal overview

now we run on harmony mainnet
we added some product

  • Launchpad
  • Multi Sender
  • Go to Future
  • Grants
  • Fiat Gateways
    so it’s can be give big benefit for blockchain and ecosystem harmony

right now we start strategy marketing with open beta testing for 5000 user
in 1 days people intrested to project 1000 people and join community and it keeps growing, and At the end of February or early March we will hold an IDO launchpad to enter the dex, but currently we are short of funds to carry out campaigns and pay for technicians and the marketing team. and we need investment funds from harmony and we will give 2.5% of total HEFI tokens with a distribution stage every 4 months

Proposal ask

300 K for our team’s campaign funding and payments

Metrics for success

target 30,000 user make transactions after launched market and raise 150 TVL

External links

[https://heildefi.one and https://docs.heildefi.one]

This old proposal.

And read more here revision a new proposal : Heil DeFi - HEFI