Ledger Nano S not connecting to Harmony Staking site

Hi there, my Ledger Nano S is not connecting to the Harmony staking site. It did connect the first time I did it, but every time since then, the Harmony ONE app on my Ledger just says it’s “Waiting for commands” and never actually connects to the site. Do I need to un-connect my Ledger from my Harmony wallet and re-connect it again? I have already staked some ONE, but I have more that I want to stake.

Thanks for any help in advance! :smile:

I would suggest your start by signing out (see on the bottom left) and sign in again ? Are you trying to use your nano S via the diect staking site integration (Harmony – Open Consensus for 10B) or via the harmony onewallet extension (Harmony – Open Consensus for 10B) ?


I had the same problem I downloaded ther Harmony one walet onto my my brave browser and connected it to my nano s. Worked.