Help needed to retrieve coins from harmony explorer

I was sending ONE from Kucoin and I copied the address it gave me at the pops website for my metamask wallet and sent the coins. I see them on explorer under that address but not in metamask. I set up the harmony mainnet in metamask. IDK what to do to retrieve these coins off explorer! Thanks in advance for any help!

Do you have that address in you metamask?

what is the address?

Here is the Harmony explorer address showing the 6,314 ONE.


My metamask is:


When I was in Kukoin I went to and put the metamask address in and got this one address and then did a withdrawal. Thanks for the help!

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The One Address and the Eth (Metamask) address you have give are 2 separate addresses…

Metamask pair

One pair

You will need to add the ETH address to MetaMask by using the private key that you can get from the one address or metamask.



Wow if this works I owe you big time!! Thank you so much for taking time out of your day to help me I really appreciate it! So if I add that address to metamask using my metamask private key I should have access to those coins? I wouldn’t be able to get the private key from one since I didn’t set up a wallet with them correct? Or is there a way to get private keys from one? Thanks again!!!


They are the same address just a different format. They private key is the same for both.

If you have a wallet with either in, you can export the private key by you would also see the coins

If you did not create the one address, where did it come from?

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Also, have you set metamask up for harmony?

You will need to be connected to the harmony chain to see them.

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Thank you! So those addresses were created when I went to and put my metamask wallet address into it and it gave me this address. I didn’t create private keys to it I just used the website to create the address and then sent to it. IDK if that was wrong or not?

You don’t create a wallet on the explorer. You just get the option to switch between the one and eth versions of the address.

Meta mask uses eth format but they are the same address.

Unless you have access or know the owner of this address then there is not much more you can do.


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Sorry I am so uneducated! So basically somehow I used the one version of the address 0xdfb79e342d63798e71f1fa65acbb5b4b2766cd4b when I sent the ONE from Kucoin and I did not use the one version of 0x14f8740531e4707690333c5fc66cd5932f52a39f which is my metamask wallet? If that is true I gotta find out where I copied the wallet ending in cd4b in the explorer address as I was trying to send to Metamask!

Yes, maybe check your metamask, once you create the main wallet it is 1-click to create another…

Not sure if you did that but the wallet where the ONE only has that 1 Transaction so is possibly a new wallet.

I hope you get to the bottom of it and feel free to post if you have an more questions!


Thanks again you have been amazing and I have learned a lot. Have a great weekend!

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You too, stay cool :slight_smile: