Token lost sending from KuCoin to an address Harmony style

Hello, I have sent my tokens from KuCoin, but I don’t find my Harmony tokens no more.
It seems the address has never received any token:

Receiver Address:
(Harmony style) one1x2xkxj822kt3eyghnsqm5jlfnxzsgma2km9csn
(ETH style) 0x328d6348EA55971c91179c01bA4BE99985046FAa

Kucoin sent me this Transaction ID:

Please anyone can help me?
I’m using MetaMask .

Same here, sent ONE from KuCoin to MetaMask, KuCoin shows completed transaction with TxHash, hours laters coins don’t appear on MetaMask or on Harmony Blockchain

Tokens arrived this morning, after 12 hours.


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When sending ONE from KuCoin to Metamask. You need to add the harmony Mainnet to metamask Metamask - Harmony and then put your address in to get your ONE equivalent address to your OX address. You do that by hitting the toggle in the upper right hand corner on harmony explorer. You then send it to your ONE equivalent address.

Did you send it to your ONE address or OX?

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KuCoin forced me to use only the ONE address. In MetaMask I’m using the “ETH style” address (0x), to view my tokens.

thank you, had no clue you had to do that

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still havent seen mine in a few minutes after it being declared COMPLETED… hoping its just slow like yours

You’re welcome! It is slower to transfer from a CEX but once it’s in your own wallet the transactions are fast.

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Thanks, ya it showed up… now excited to see all I can do!

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