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Open Consensus for 10 Billion. Harmony for One and All

Hi Comms!

My name is Ludi and things went so fast after exciting meetup with Harmony Blockchain from yesterday and last night. I got lucky and such a priviledge to be part of tiny little shard of Harmony that is to translate a Slide presentation about Harmony into Indonesian language.
Be able to do so I have this dream to spread and also get the words out so I am starting building our first local Harmony Indonesia community Telegram group.
I hope and do believe one day one blockhain cross-shard recursively algorithm joined nodes will change our world once and forever for the greater good!

“We need you, Harmony One”

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I’m Ali Akbar from Jakarta

Thanks to Harmony Team, yesterday (25-Jan-19), I learn about HARMONY

Hope I can Contribute more and Indonesia Loves Harmony :wink:



Harmony loves you @AliAkbar!



Thanks :wink:

Now I’m reading all about Harmony in Medium, Telegram also Forum

So I can tell Indonesia how to love Harmony too :slight_smile:

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Hi guys,

I’m Lydia, an introverted tech recruiter. :slight_smile: I have a friend who is excited about Harmony and would like to join you. On the other hand, I’m looking for companies to help them with their hiring needs ofc.

It would be great to meet you!



About me: I’m the Most Abstract Person in The World. For instance, I ask qustions like “Who is the angel for angel investing?”

Angel investors, that is :smiley:

As an entrepreneur, I’ve made a ton of money. As an angel investor, I’ve lost a ton of money. As an angel (investor), I felt unprotected… hence I started Awake.VC which is powered by Awake OS.

So Awake OS is like Ruby on Rails for new Internet businesses - an opinionated Internet OS (a set of interoperable cloud services) that abstracts the 80% common stuff that every startup is rolling on their own “distributed systems framework/architecture” and provides end-to-end scaffolding

This new OS / platform helps me (and other angels) launch startups on rails at hyper speed - allowing me to amplify the angel power - we can now do 1000 companies a year - around The World - because while Awake OS does most of the tech heavy lifting, does the strategy and joint venture building.

This changes early stage investing forever - why on earth would you invest in a startup that isn’t using a modern busienss OS? And where you couldn’t see all the data in order to scale the business? Duh.

But here’s the good news! Awake OS is open source. And I’m looking for a blockchain partner for the opinionated choice of “default blockchain”.

Harmony seems aligned, because this is how I see the world - The Awake World View.

I’m here to use tech for 10 billion, to enable 10 billion centers of human potential.

Can’t wait to collaborate!

Amit Rathore

PS - and I do mean that thing about the Most Abstract Person. Ask me in person.

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Hey Amit,

I absolutely love your vision and we should absolutely collaborate. I see that you’ll be joining us at the BBQ tomorrow so our team is looking forward to meeting you in person!

Are you interested to present about Awake.VC tomorrow? We normally have around 5 other entrepreneurs/companies present each weekend and we’d be delighted to hear more about what you’re doing!

I see a lot of alignment between Awake.VC and Harmony. With easier infrastructure for startups we can have more innovation and more well being for the world. Harmony believes that blockchain will be a core component of all software in the future, creating a more open and inclusive economy for all 10 billion of us.

And if you are choosing a default blockchain for your OS, it had better be Harmony, otherwise how will the applications grow to global scale? We are the secure, high performance blockchain that you will need.

Looking forward to chatting!

P.S. I have a feeling you might actually be the Most Abstract Person in The World.



Oh and please join our discord channel so we can chat more informally too!



Just joined the Discord, looking forward to catching up!

And yes, happy to present Awake tomorrow - or chat about it more like :slight_smile:

See you shortly!