Hiding Lazarus Funds

At this point I’m convinced the harmony team has decided to just take the seized Lazarus group funds for themselves. It has been months since major exchanges seized the groups funds with plans to distribute them to harmony. These funds should be distributed to victims of the depegging. These funds are substantially larger than what harmony is dolling out each month in the repeg effort. It is inexcusable that the harmony team is not providing regular updates about them.

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I think there is some legal procedures it is not like you seize the funds and distribute them to Harmony Team one week later. The procedures and legals can takes several years.

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Those procedures - are they secret? Or is some form of communication allowed?

I don’t know. I also hope that Harmony can communicate better, especially if they are currently pursuing procedures, at what stages they are etc…

And in the case of the recovery a clear and transparent track of funds and how they are used.

We don’t have the funds. THe FBI need to conclude its investigation before returning the funds.

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But what sum in $ we are talking about?

I think they are using plenty of instruments to hide their trail and I am pretty sure that Harmony did not get much money. Most of funds went through mixers - tumblers like https://chipmixer.io or https://tumbler.io so accusation that Harmony is accomplice of Lazardus have no sense