HIP Proposal: Epoch(s) passed since the last election

Summary: Add metric on staking dashboard for epoch(s) passed since the last election.

Background: As the harmony network becomes more decentralized, smaller validators will be going in and out of election frequently. As a result, we propose adding a metric to the dashboard to represent the number of epochs that have passed since the last election.

Motivation: This metric can be used to measure the solvency of a validator instead of having to infer this metric from the bar chart.

Specification: Within the performance section of the staking dashboard, add “Epoch(s) since last Election.” Below are the conditions for this metric:

  1. If the validator is elected or has never been elected, the metric will not be present on the dashboard.

  2. If the validator has not been elected for more than 99 consecutive epochs the following metric will be shown:


  3. If the validator has not been elected for less than or equal 99, X will equal the number of epoch(s) since the last election.

Suggested voting options: Yes or No


Good idea @BoxedCloud ! I like it. I would vote yes on this one :+1:

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You have my vote. Nice proposal.

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Yes, agree!!!

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Can we edit this proposal to also display CURRENT EPOCH at the top of the validator/staking dashboard? Since it pertains to displaying epoch information. To the left of “next epoch” we could add “Current Epoch: 791”, for example

Currently it just says “Next Epoch xxxx minutes”, which isn’t very useful imo. Actually, can we change the “xxxx minutes” to “xx hours, xx minutes” while we’re at it?

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This is no doubt feasible due to a front end change (can you confirm @sophoah )

But can you add some sort of an image as to where an how this may look (does not have to be professional :slight_smile: )

Then we can assign a HIP number…


@Maffaz I have added the images to the main post. Thank you for your help!

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Sounds fair, that’d be a yes from me.

The proposal is interesting.
What might be interesting also is to know the election rate for the last period of 30 (soon 7) epochs