HIP-26: Staking Site Proposal: Change "Next Epoch" Format to "Hrs, Mins", Add Current Epoch

This proposal is to change the current Next Epoch format on the staking dashboard from “MINUTES” to “HRS, MINS”, and to also add “CURRENT EPOCH” to the header of the page.

Currently the staking website’s countdown until the next epoch is only in minutes (e.g., 902 minutes in photo below). This requires users to manually calculate the total minutes remaining into hours and minutes.

The staking site also does not prominently display the current epoch.

It is important to display important information in a user-friendly manner. Currently the simplest way to find both the current epoch and the time remaining until the next epoch (in “hr, min” format) is to not use the staking.harmony.one website at all; it’s easier to use smartstake. This proposal will provide better information to users and reduce the need to look at multiple websites to find valuable information.



  • Add "CURRENT EPOCH: " to the site header

Change Next Epoch from “Minutes” to “Hrs, Mins”?
  • Yes
  • No

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Add “Current Epoch” to staking website?
  • Yes
  • No

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Ideally, if this passes, it would be included with other already-approved staking dashboard improvements as part of a bounty.

Soph has said that staking dashboard UI changes do not require Harmony feasibility review.


This is true, after 7 days we can put it to a vote!

I think the proposed version gives some nice finishing touches. It seems much user friendly allowing anyone who uses the staking dashboard to see the current epoch.
I like the feature of adding HRS/MINS as it seems less confusing and more attractive to the average user in my opinion.

Nice Work!


Those are small, but important changes. An information regarding the epoch number is really needed. Also, we could use the same bounty to further implement the hips that has as subject the rework of the Dashing Board. Would be quite efficient and less time consuming

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This is a small change but necessary, if we want a chain for ‘10B’ it needs to be user friendly and the information displayed does not have to be translated. The current epoch addition is a needed one…for some reason the website does not indicate what epoch it is on the landing page. Seems like an important value if undelegating takes 7 epochs and allows users to track time to a hard fork.

Thanks OP.

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Agreed, really nice and needed improvement

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Great proposal. I have to go to smart stake if I want to know at a quick glance how much time is left in an epoch, which would be unnecessary with these changes. The current epoch part is a no-brainer as well imo.

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Nice proposal, especially showing the current Epoch would be really useful

Voted Yes for including epoch number (should also include next epoch number) and No for showing hours instead of just minutes. It’s a matter of preference but I find it easier to correlate blocks remaining with just minutes rather than both hours and minutes. That said, perhaps we should include blocks remaining until next epoch.


Not a bad idea. A good way of measuring epoch time.

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I hadn’t considered that.

Would you prefer blocks remaining or minutes remaining?

Would you vote yes to hours remaining if it also included blocks remaining?

Would blocks remaining be more appropriate to display on the explorer?

We can add a poll for blocks remaining if that’s what you’d like. Whatever the community wants. Could you mock up how you’d want it displayed?

For the average delegator, I think they’d prefer to know the hours remaining in each epoch more than they would the minutes remaining.

Your questions raise a good question, is the staking portal intended for delegators or validators? For delegators, I agree they would likely prefer hours and minutes and won’t care about the number of blocks remaining. For validators, blocks remaining is more important than minutes since epochs are measured in blocks and not time. If the forum agrees the portal is for delegators, I’m fine with this proposal.

Show it ALL!!

Full date and time expected. Blocks, hours, mins, seconds remaining! :slight_smile:


Do a mock up and we can vote on it

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Does the status wheel serve any purpose? It doesn’t seem like it dynamically changes based on the amount of time remaining in the epoch

It could probably be removed entirely

(EDIT: Apparently it does change. Still not sure it’s necessary)

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Something like this?



Yeah that is a good mockup I think. Makes the info there much more meaningful.

Thoughts on using 15:02:03 instead of 15 HR, 2 MIN, 3 SEC?

Any other additions people want to see?

I prefer the 15 HR, 2 MIN, 3 SEC option. However, we all know that the next epoch is an estimation, so I am concerned that this timer may cause confusion.