How do we say Thank you to an Event Ambassador

Looks like this is a good place to start. Shout out to Benjamin of the Ambassador DAO who held the event Friday night at the bar in San Francisco. Open Bar (seems like DEVs dont really get that drunk). Great food and…lots of people talking about Crypto in general. Harmonys vision for total emersion is past due. So many people want to get involved in crypto but meet FUD at the corner of every turn. I met some really smart people at the meetup. Shout out to Clarance, Maria, Kiason and Ishmail . Chris with his DigitalDawgz NFT collection sounds like hes moving on to the Harmony Network. A lot happening about crypto just from a happy hour meet up. Very Cool. Much Thanks to Ben the Ambassador of Harmony. Just has a nice ring too it. See you next time.

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