Introductions: Robert Castillo - Gotta say Thank you to All of YOU

Hello Everyone!

I hope everyone is having a phenomenal day.

First of all, I would just like to thank Harmony DAO for being such a great sponsor at ETH Denver. And ETH Denver just making a fantastic event. It was my first community event I have ever been to. Because of all of you, I’m going to get rid of my two businesses and find ways to focus full time within this awesome industry, and the community.

I have done sales for over 15 years, and I am currently working on a few projects.

Youth Crypto Conference is the one I am excited about because its about helping kids. First event is on April 6th in Miami.

Island 17 DAO helps gamify SDGs which is cool.

Don’t forget to get Hyped for HYPE TV!

Man, again, just thank you guys for all being great vibes for those 9 days. I’m very excited to build bonds with many of you as the time goes on.

Happy Sunday!


Hey Rob! I felt the same way after meeting YOU at ETH Denver and feeling like I found a friend in mission driven work for kids, for LIFE! Because of you and Kushim, Jennifer Cope and I met the amazing young women who inspired us to meet Harmony’s COO @lij and @OG_Lemurman and submit a grant for Island17, with so much help and :two_hearts: from you! Thank you!! we are so excited to be here.


Coming to ETHDENVER for my first ever crypto conference absolutely blew my mind!!! Wow! So many great people! Like minded people all wanting to save the world in their own way! HAVING NOT KNOWN A SINGLE CRYPTO SOUL IN DENVER UPON ARRIVAL… EVERYTHING changed while looking back oVer this vast 10 day journey. WHILE leaving… I felt whole. Purposeful. And with a twinkle in my eye, BECAUSE I met thousands! And connected deeply WITH SOOOOO MANY. More importantly with Rob, T.R. Price, Taylor, Heidi, and the rest of our ~20ish person Dao. If all things materual fall apart or away. I will always cherish what happened in ETH DENVER 22’ AND WHAT IT DIS FOR MY LIFE AND MY SOUL! SO THANK YOU HARMONY… for making me feel at home when I was so far from it. Gabby and all the others. Always… until we meet again. Never goodbye.:raised_hands::pray::facepunch::partying_face::100::innocent:

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Thanks for your proposal, it has been assigned and the team will review and respond shortly :blue_heart:


We are so happy to have you joining us all on this crazy ride, @rcast171! ETHDenver was an incredible time and so many lives have been changed simply from 1 conference. The power of web3 is palpable, and I am excited to see the impact you will make!

If you ever have any questions, my Telegram/DMs are always open.


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