How to find what you did in Viper Swap

I have no idea what I did. All I was trying to do was add a paired token of one and Viper to a pool and then stake it and I have no idea what happened. I thought I was adding 999 Ones with a pair of Viper and somehow all 2,000 of my ONE was added and my Viper and I don’t know what I did at all. I studied videos on youtube on this for weeks and read forums. THis was the worst thing I feared, and asked multiple people if they’d be willing to walk me through this over the phone even for the first time because I feared a mistep could make me lose it all, and I think I blew it on my first attempt. Can anyone help me figure out what I did? I can show pics. Not sure if I can post them in here though.

Hey, probably you had more viper than one, then you maxed the viper in the Liquidity input mask and didn’t realize that it rebalanced the one to match your viper.

It’s no big deal.

On viper swap go to “pool” here you should see your LP tokens. Here you can remove the liquidity to get your one and viper back.

The only problem may be, that you dont have enough 1 for transactions.

What wallet did you use?
There is a history tab, that shows your transactions.
If you share the transaction we can give you more insights.

Hope this helps :wink:

When you have the transaction id or your wallet address you can check a lot of information on

I got it figured out and I think that I did everything okay even from the jump. I couldn’t locate where the LP tokens went and then I found them and supplied them. I am now earning. Just trying to get the hang of things. Thanks for the response.


Glad it worked out :wink: