How to retrieve coins

I was sending my ONE coin from my Metamask account to my Harmony wallet for staking and I inadvertently sent it to my Pancake Swap address. Is there a mechanism to retrieve my coins?

Thank you.


Tracy, I asked this question for you in the Harmony TG and here is what the Dragon suggested:
“So what I think they really mean to say is that they sent their ONE to their BSC wallet address. If the BSC wallet is loaded in metamask, then they can just switch the network to harmony and will see the one there.”

Thank you for the reply. I sent BNB to my Metamask wallet and swapped it for ONE. I then intended to send the ONE coin to my Harmony wallet to stake but I sent it to an address I had used in Pancake in error. You can see the transaction at Pancake but it does not show in my wallet. You can see it was transfered from my wallet to “Pancake” and it wet to 0x4D199ea2B04717b4C385842606Ee67F9ef685A59 as indicated on the hash. How do I send from that hash? Binance Transaction Hash (Txhash) Details | BscScan

Assuming you have that Pancake address loaded on your Metamask, switch your wallet to that address and you should see the ONE in there. if you don’t, switch to Harmony Network in metamask and they should show up.

I can see the ones on the address you sent them to on binance smart chain. (0x4D199ea2B04717b4C385842606Ee67F9ef685A59)

Hopefully you control that address and u can send a bit of bnb there so u can bridge to harmony network.

Thank you for communicating with me. I added the Harmony network to Metamask but my coins do not show up.

They are in Pancake Swap at this address you identified above. when I look it up it contains other swaps I have made at Pa They appear as a transfer in and are still sitting there. I do not understand hot to get that address on my wallet?.

Again, thank you so much taking time to assist a complete stranger, most of my inquires end in a request for my seed phrases.



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login to your metamask, switch to your pancake address → then go to and bridge your Binance ONE to Harmony using the bridge.

Never give out your seed, that’s for sure…

What do you mean by “they are in pancake swap”? Do you mean on binance smart chain?

You say you’ve done other swaps with that address, it looks like u minted an NFT on pancake swap about a month ago. U may have used your second (or a different) account on metamask.

Again,many thanks for sticking with me. Sorry to be such an imbecile but I do not have a Pancake address? I am not aware of seperate wallet address onan exchange

When I connect my metamask wallet to the Harmony bridge I show 0 Binance One I sent the tokens to 0x4d199ea2b04717b4c385842606ee67f9ef685a59 from my Metamask wallet. I’m assuming because my Metamask wallet address is not where the tokens reside. Again, thank you so much for taking time to assist.


I did mint an NFT on Pancake and did other swaps as well. That is how I messed this up. I had intended to send form my Metamask wallet to my Harmony wallet for staking and errantly selected a saved wallet address to Pancake instead of Harmony. When I look for where they went I find them at this address and have no idea how to retrieve them as I do not have access to this address. 0xe7bc7b62049ac5c3a6796c890ac792a790fc944725e178330cd06d47efc34b07
Thank you, Tracy

As Cryptocojack says, you are using 0x4d199ea2b04717b4c385842606ee67f9ef685a59 to interact with Pancakeswap. if you still have access to this wallet, switch to that in Metamask and go to to send the ONE back to your wallet. the only way for you to have access to those ONEs is if you have access to your wallet in Metamask or however you were connecting to Pancakeswap with that wallet to make those transactions.

If u don’t have access to that address, you may unfortunately be out of luck. But I would definitely try to add an account on metamask and see if it regenerates that same address… It appears as though you had access at one time.

I’m kinda confused as to how u minted the nft if u didn’t have access to that address :thinking:

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