Send token wrong chain

hello i think i send BUSD wrong chain from Metamask chain harmony to BUSD binance BEP20 … but it success . how can fix this i didn’t receive BUSD

So you sent this to Binance?

You would likely need to get with them to fix.
Most of us have done this at some point though, in some form or another.

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Do you have access to the address you send it to? As you see the BUSD are still around

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You need to use a bridge, to get assets from one blockchain (Harmony) to another (Binance Smart Chain)!

Bridge can be found here:

NOTE: Metamask is a wallet, not a chain.


a) You own the wallet you sent the funds to:
There is a chance to get the tokens back.

b) You don’t have access to the wallet you sent the funds to (e.g. centralized exchange wallet)
You may contact support but there is probably no way to get your funds back!

Always send a small portion first to check if everything is setup correctly!

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thank you bro i send problem to support but can’t help

can’t access because send to binance platform

choice B can’t funds back

Sorry to hear! :cry:

FYI: You can also deposit on Binance using Harmony chain directly (only when depositing ONE). Must select chain in deposit dialog. It’s cheaper than bridging first.

But same advice as above:
Always send a small portion first to check if everything is setup correctly!

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I sent 130 ones to my harmony wallet few days ago, I have sent them from metamask, through BSC, the transaction was confirmed and I thought it was going to take a bit, however, I did not, so, next day, I sent some from Binance to my harmony wallet, but this time I used harmony network, and I could get them in less than 10 minutes, super fast and I even joined to one of the pools, so I have reached out Metamask, to see if I could get them back, or what could be done about this, so they said, I should be contacting u, I am not sure what to do, so I would like to know if there is some sort of support here that I could get to retrieve my one tokens.

Hi Severin,
I’m trying to deposit my One tokens on Binance.
On Binance side it gives me a One harmony deposit address (onexxxxxxxxxx), but when I go to Metamask, choosing One > send > past the address, I got an error message.
Do you know why ?

Your address can have two different formats on harmony (but it’s the same address):

  1. Goto:
  2. Search for your address
  3. On the Top there is a menu icon. Click it, select ETH.

Now all addresses on the site startwith 0x. With metamask you need the 0x address.
Send a small amount first to test if it works

Please share TX of the thing you lost your funds. IFrom your description I don’t know what happened.

Thanks a lot, you rock !


If you have any issues with recovering your coins sent to the wrong wallet, reach out to easybitcoinrecovery gmail