HRC20 to ERC20 - lost 1USDC

I didn’t use Harmony Bridge, but i send 205.446467 1USDC to the wallet, now cant se the money in the wallet.

the wallet adresse i use is ERC20 wallet 0xcbff3b17107d98f70034b230e060fedf46a36653

i need help to send the money to this wallet adresse: 0x29b58ddfd332583d385378c3a932453440f307ab

Hash 0x29b04a8687d92e28401b55a8d27f8ff7ab35d17e758d7b5e1828e20c62ea0d1d

Ethereum Hash 0x9f844c956f9b2afaa0896038a76631d87e36f84299bec21bd459b3a37958e2da