Problems undelegating staking


I’ve staked some Harmony one at on one of the validators. I have staked from my Chrome extension wallet before it became deprecated. Now i can’t undelegate my staked tokens. When i click on undelegate i’ve got two options to choose from.

  1. Harmony Browser Extension (Deprecated)
  2. Ledger Nano

When i choose 1. if sais “invalid, the site has been blocked by chrome”
When i choose 2. it sais “please verify and sign the transaction on your Ledger” but the Ledger nano s has the Harmony One app installed and active and the device is unlocked.

So none of the two options would allow me to undelegate my tokens.
What should i do?

Logout out of the dashboard and when logging back in select existing address > Harmony One wallet.

Though you could also switch to another wallet like metamask without needing to undelegate :slightly_smiling_face:

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