IDE for harmony dev >>

:sunglasses: Hi, this is IDE for HARMONY.ONE :sunglasses:

Contain all things to build dapp on :toolbox: :clap:

:rainbow::toolbox: Features

  1. Powerful online sol, js, html… editor :star:
  2. In-browser solidity compiler :fire:
  3. Deploy to Harmony Mainnet, Testnet, or custom net instantly :rocket:
  4. Interact with smartcontract :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :running_man:
  5. Transaction viewer :eye:‍:left_speech_bubble: (WIP)
  6. Convert tool: bench32, hex, … :sweat_drops:
  7. Drag and drop web dapp builder (WIP)
  8. 1dapp store (WIP)
  9. Work with browser-extension wallet: MathWallet (:heavy_check_mark:), OneWallet (can’t not deployed, will fix :soon:)

:link: Useful link:

  1. Start using:
  2. Develop status :construction_worker_man:
  3. Bug reports, features request: :bug: :electric_plug: :heavy_plus_sign: