IGDC Blockchain Gaming Summit

Name of Event/Project

IGDC Blockchain Gaming Summit
May 5th, 2022
Bangalore, India

Proposal overview

The one day, “Blockchain Gaming Summit to be held on the 5th of May at ITC Gardenia, Bangalore ,Its physical in-person event. looking to get the best Indian and International minds in the blockchain/ web3 space to share their experiences, expectations and predictions for the Future through an intersperse of Keynotes, town halls and Panel discussions and networking sessions. IGDC believes that this Summit will also act as one of the catalysts to help the Indian Gaming Industry achieve its true potential of becoming a global leader in the Blockchain/ Web3 space.

What to expect?

  • The event would have:
  • 300+ attendees (All are mostly developers)
  • Speakers from different Chains
  • CXO,s & Industry Leaders
  • Talks on Blockchain, blockchain in gaming, NFT’s & Metaverse.
  • Keynotes ,Solo talks, Panel discussions, Fire-side chats.

Proposal ask

We at IGDC were hoping someone from Harmony team can visit and speak at the event. :slight_smile:

Metrics for success

Speaking Opportunity for 1 from Harmony.
Invitation for IGDC Networking Dinner.
Opportunity to network with web2 & web3 industry leaders.
Opportunity to Interact with game developers.

External links

IGDC Blockchain Gaming Summit
Intro - Blockchain Gaming Summit Deck

Thanks for your proposal, it has been assigned and the team will review and respond shortly :blue_heart:

Hello Team,

Just a followup to see if there has been any update on a proposal from your end.

Will wait to hear from you.



@Nitish_IGDC Thank you for the invitation!
Our team is currently discussing options, and hope to follow up with you soon!

Hello @Nitish_IGDC
We would be happy to have somebody attend over zoom if this is an option?
Unfortunately, we don’t have any team members in India.

@Nitish_IGDC have you seen the recent proposal from the India DAO? I think there’s opportunities to partner up.

Also, Frontier mobile wallet has a big presence in India

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Hello @Jacksteroo and @Nitish_IGDC , i am tagging Mars Colony team here @father , few days back we talked on TG, they are looking some gaming guilds too.