Harmony India DAO

Harmony India DAO

Application Type
Community DAO

Proposal overview

The rise of cryptocurrency is a keenly watched economic trend in the pandemic-hit financial world. Crypto transactions gained momentum in India too after the Supreme Court, in 2020, overturned the Reserve Bank of India’s 2018 order that banned financial institutions from associating with entities dealing in crypto currencies.
The rise of interests towards cryptocurrencies is very high and we can see huge daily volume on Indian exchanges and ever exploding number of new joiners on crypto exchanges and Indian communities.

So we pleased to announce the creation of our india DAO. India is a large country with 29 states, So to cover the large crowd we just start with basis steps

What Do We Aim To Do?

  • Introducing Harmony to new users, influencing more crypto aware Indian users about Harmony Ecosystem. India has the highest crypto adoption rate which makes this a great opportunity for organic growth. Harmony India Dao will introduce and bring more users from huge Indian Crypto community into web3, defi. Nfts.
  • Design new SOPs and partnerships inside the ecosystem to assist on-boarding of new users and promote their participation
  • Create Instagram, youtube and info-graphics which can generate a lot of user engagement and bring more users to ecosystem
  • Public Facebook group and regular interesting posts
  • Telegram Group and channel for more broader reach in Indian crypto community
  • Youtube and Facebook reel videos , Medium articles, reddit discussion and getting more upvotes and engagement
  • Host online voice and video events
  • Governors’ meetings with moderators to control the requirements

Our Governor’s

  1. Priyank Gupta (Lead Governor)
  2. Vaibhav kumar (Growth Hacker)
  3. Tayyab (Content Support)
  4. Amar Deep (Developer)
  5. Manini Jaiswal (Legal Expert)
  6. Vitruvius (Operational Manager)
  7. Shoaib Malik (Graphic designer & digital Marketer)
  8. Raghav Deopura (Operational Support)
  9. Ajay Kumar (Graphic Support)

Priyank Gupta

Founder of CryptoSpartans, Experienced Business Owner with a demonstrated history of working in the real estate industry. Skilled in Negotiation, Entrepreneurship, Communication, Market Analysis. Strong Entrepreneurship professional with a bachelor of science (B.sc) focused in Interior Design from International Institute of Fashion Design.

Vaibhav Kumar

Founder of Elevate Wellness with over 7 years of experience in content marketing, social media marketing and digital sales. Good communication skill with the ability to manage multiple Facebook and Telegram communities with number of members.

Tayyab Khan

Manager - Risk & Fraud Prevention at Al Ansari Exchange, A dynamic individual with experience in Learning Management, Performance Management, KPI development, Business Analysis and Leadership amongst others. An experience of over 15 years has led Tayyab to work directly with senior management positions and ensure synchrony throughout the organization.

Amar Deep

Having experience with managing and monitoring bare metal servers. Deployment and dockerized application and setup monitoring using grafana. Having experience using CI/CD tools Jenkins ansible and configuring firewall with iptables. Exposure with blockchain development on tezos and deployment of smart contracts.

Manini Jaiswal

Experienced Advocate with a demonstrated history of working in the law practice industry. Skilled in Drafting Agreements, Legal Research, Westlaw, Legal Document Preparation, and Legal Writing. Strong legal professional with a B.A.Ll.B.( Hons) focused in Law from Chanakya National Law University.


Graduated in Civil Engineering and had been part of the Architectural, Engineering and Construction Industry for some time. Later vitru go on to pursue Master in Business administration with majors in Marketing & International Business. Got Crypto pilled in 2016 due to sheer interest in economics and curiosity to learn more about how things works under the surface. Contributor to the index-coop APAC initiative. Vitru perpevangelist helping the Perpetual Protocol to make decentralised perpetual trading the next big thing.

Associated with CitaDAO in their mission to Democratize and Tokenize Real Estate Market.

Shoaib Malik

Experienced Founder with a demonstrated history of working in the digital marketing and advertising industry. Strong entrepreneurship professional is skilled in Graphic Designing, Corporate Branding, Video editing and UI

Raghav Deopura

Completed the Masters degree in Commerce from Mohanlal Sukhadiya University, Udaipur. Experienced in Community Management & Moderation, Marketing, Advertising, Content Creation and Promotion. Been working for many crypto projects including NEAR Protocol, QuickSwap, Unbound Finance, EOS & Open Forest Protocol.

Ajay Kumar

Completed the Bachelor’s degree in Arts from RNT GC Sarkaghat. Currently working for several crypto projects such as NEAR Protocol, Open Forest Protocol and EOS.

Expertise in Graphics Designing, Video/Photo Editing, Infographics Designing, Logo Designing and Community Management.

Mandates of Harmony India DAO

Growth: Onboard users on missions and teach about the project, pollinate values across communities

Engagement: Amplify content of roadmap and milestones, creative campaigns of products, raise awareness through online events

Diversity: Solicit voices and votes in forums, reinforce strong governance participation

3 Months Schedule Work

First Month:-

  1. Start Managing Telegram and Twitter, Aiming for 500 Followers for Twitter and 500 Members for Telegram.
  2. Content Translation in Telegram and Twitter.
  3. Community Driven Incentives Program
  4. Two Online Events (One on Twitter Space, One on Google Meet)
  5. Start Content Marketing.
  6. Start the translation of “open.harmony.one”, examination and checking of the governors.
  7. Provide Moderation Support on both Platform (Telegram and Twitter)
  8. Governors’ meetings with moderators to control the requirements

Second Month:-

  1. Telegram and Twitter, Aiming for 1000 Followers for Twitter and 1000 Members for Telegram.
  2. Content Translation in Telegram and Twitter.
  3. Community Driven Incentives Program
  4. Three Online Events (Two on Twitter Space, One on Google Meet)
  5. Creation of social media accounts like Instagram, Reddit, Facebook and Youtube.
  6. Provide Moderation Support on both Platform (Telegram and Twitter)
  7. Content Creation and Marketing
  8. Start Developer Training Program

Third Month :-

  1. Telegram and Twitter, Aiming for 1500 Followers for Twitter and 2000 Members for Telegram.
  2. Content Translation in Telegram and Twitter.
  3. Community Driven Incentives Program.
  4. 5 Online Events ( three on Twitter Space, 1 on Google Meet , 1 on club house)
  5. Start Content work on Reddit, Facebook and Instagram and focusing on Engagement mainly.
  6. Create videos on YouTube and making articles.
  7. Provide Moderation Support on both Platform (Telegram and Twitter)
  8. Content Creation Marketing
  9. Education program for youth in India to join them into the Web 3.0.
  10. Find new projects, help them in marketing.

Proposal ask


We are Aiming for 2 Years but this is Quartely Payment Plan for the funds we request to build the harmony india dao. After Three months tenure complete, we will come up with next three months payment plan with our work, this will run upto with 2 years.

Average expense for DAO Program

  1. 1000 active members on Twitter: $10,000.00
  2. Translation of “open.harmony.one”:$10,000.00
  3. 2 Moderators for Telegram group and channel: 200$ per person monthly
  4. Community driven incentives program : 2000$ per month
  5. Online Events, 250$ per event. Events would be Twitter Space, Club House and Google Meet
  6. Content Marketing : 5000$ per month
  7. Developers training program: 1000$
  8. Education program for youth in India to join them into the Web 3.0. : 2000$
1. Translations Translations of open.harmony one $10,000.00
2. Twitter 1000 active members on Twitter $10,000.00
3. Moderators $200 x 2 Moderators x 3 months $1200.00
4. Online Events $250 x 10 events $2500.00
5. Content Marketing $5000 x 3 months $15000.00
6. Incentives program $2000 x 3 months $6000.00
7. Developer Training Only for 1 month $1000.00
8. Education Program Only for 1 month $2000.00
9. Subtotal $47700.00
10. Safety Net Due to volatile 10% $4770.00
11. Total Funding Request $52470.00

As we following dao structure and rules “$75 to $350 per hour as the self-assessed salary, 3-month election terms, retroactive peer bonus and performance feedback, 80% passing votes, and openly tracking timesheets and deliverables for each member.” We will make the sheet with time and availability of each governor and request for funds every week.

Governor’s don’t need any other salary apart from 75$ to 350$ per hour.

Metrics for success

:black_small_square:Translation of “open.harmony.one” : $10,000.00

:black_small_square:1000 active members on Twitter: $10,000.00

:black_small_square:One Month Work: Community Driven Incentives Program ($2000.00), 2 online Events ($500.00), Moderators ($400.00), Content Marketing ($5000.00), Subtotal: $7900.00 Safety Net: $790.00 Total: $8690.00

:black_small_square:Second Month Work: Community Driven Incentives Program ($2000.00), 3 online Events ($750.00), Moderators ($400.00), Content Marketing ($5000.00), Developer Training Program ($1000.00), Subtotal: $9150.00 Safety Net: $915.00 Total: $10065.00

:black_small_square:Third Month Work: Community Driven Incentives Program ($2000.00), 5 online Events ($1250.00), Moderator ($400.00), Content Marketing ($5000.00), Education Program ($2000.00). Subtotal: $10650.00 Safety Net: $1065.00 Total: $11,715.00

For Now We Request for Funding for Translation ($10,000.00 + $1000.00 Safety Net), Twitter ($10,000.00 + $1000.00 Safety Net), One Month Work ($8690.00) → $30690.00

At Harmony’s suggested rate of $75/hour, and with a maximum of 8 hours/week, we will share the weekly timesheet after our proposal accepted .

External links

Twitter : @harmonyindiaDAO


We are almost done for multisig wallet just waiting for exchanges to start the ONE withdrawal, so that we can spend the ONE for fees to create multisig address.


Detailed DAO proposal, love it !
All the Best


Lovely, we are waiting so long. Atleast we will get the official indian harmony group.
Indians will surely love this proposal…you taking care everything in your proposal.
Good luck


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Thanks guys, thanks for thinking about the indian community… hope your proposal will pass.


I have many friends in india, they will support your DAO for sure.


Thanks Peter . Appreciate your effort.

I found this proposal best possible in budget among other proposals. Great !!


Educative as well as clear. I like the thought process behind the proposal

Wonderful initiative, looking forward to see the growth.
All the best.


Transparent and clearly laid out payment structure will ensure efficient functioning and absolute accountability. Best of luck to the Team


Great job done there blockchain

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Nice to see Indian community growing in crypto. All the best!


Marketing and spreading awareness has been one crucial problem to me for Harmony. It’s nice to see community stepping up, props to the OP.

Looking forward to the Indian DAO, good luck. :slight_smile:


Great proposals with clear vision. All the best!


Comprehensive details, a clear plan to promote Harmony, it is doable.


Hi Priyank,

Thank you for submitting a detaield proposal to Harmony’s $300M Ecosystem Fund

The proposal has strong support from the community and we are happy to approve the proposal!

Congratulations! We look forward to the success of Harmony India DAO.


Excellent work best of luck


The DAO proposal is super great, well elaborate and precise to the point. Congratulations to the team behind this amazing initiative and all the best to India as a country as you work into making a reality. Great job :clap:t5::clap:t5: