I'm another cryptology/economics nerd

Hi, my name is Andy Manoske. I’m currently the product lead for HashiCorp Vault, an open source distributed secrets management platform. Li asked me to join and happy to help out where I can.

My educational and professional background is primarily focused in infosec and cryptology (primarily applied cryptography and cryptologic mathematics). I’ve spent most of my career around these topics. I led cryptography and information security products at NetApp and launched their first incarnation of Full Disk Encryption (FDE), led product within the research division of AlienVault and developed Open Threat Exchange (OTX) - an open source project that uses AI/ML to identify commonalities between cyberattacks, and now focus on distributed cryptography and distributed systems at HashiCorp. I also work closely with the venture community, and previously served as an associate at GGV Capital and a principal cum advisor at Amplify Partners (where I still serve as their primary advisor for crypto).

I hold a degree in economics and computer science from SJSU. I’m deeply involved in the development of HashiCorp’s implementation of Raft, the first implementation of the Raft consensus protocol in the world. And I used to mine Bitcoin in college to help my friends do sketchy things online. Because, hey, it’s college.

Let me know where I can be helpful!


welcome to the forum, Andy!

Economics and CS! Can it get better for providing value in the blockchain space? :wink:

Glad to have your insights here, Andy. Welcome!

Appreciate your feedback, ideas, and time @andy!

yes, @andy is one of the most skilled cryptographer I know.

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