Introduce yourself here

Hi All,

I am Vikram from Bangalore I am Co-Founder of Hypermine.

I have been following Harmony for a long time. Love the energy of the team and the way they are so organised.

I have some Ideas which can help the ecosystem in general for adoption. Ill be sharing here soon



I am raz, a hungarian lisper & entrepreneur. I have followed Bitcoin since late 2011 and bought my first Dogecoin in 2013.

I aim to be a productive member of the Harmony community.

I organize a DAO for generation Z hackers & online entrepreneurs, called ZGEN. Our goal is to provide funding & network for talented techincal founders in early stages of their ventures.


glad to have you with us raz!

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Hello, I am Joxes, from Venezuela.

It is a pleasure for me the opportunity to be together with all of you in this key stage of Harmony. I am currently working on my bachelor project in engineering, so I hope to be aware of all the logic and operation of everything related to the project.


hey Joxes welcome! glad to have you with us!

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hey Ali, interested in running a node on our test net? we are about to launch staking.


Hello everyone, I am Gao Bo from China.
Although I am not a technician, I hope to participate deeply in your project as an ordinary person.
Thanks to the team!

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Welcome! We have just recruited an engineer in China and the BJ office will be set up very soon!

hi i am alvin, running a validator using ankr, my validator name is baryo. nice to be here

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Im Kenneth from Philippines, its my pleasure to be here

Hello Harmony Community,

My name is Landon. I am currently a student at the University of Iowa and pursuing a degree in Enterprise Leadership. I am fairly new to Cryptocurrency and Blockchain technology but I am trying to learn something new everyday! I first learned about Harmony through am investment research company I subscribe to. From there I started to read more about the project and the team behind it. I am looking forward to help make this project succeed in any way I can!


Twitter: @ATRLandon


Already, Join, Maggie.

I’m using @DIGITASICrypto Telegram.
And BISMACrypto as Node.

Always Love Harmony from IndONEsia :stuck_out_tongue:


Hi all
My name is Madoza. That’s not my real name but that’s something my brother used to call me since we were very very young. I dont think it even means anything. I am really surprised sometimes when i try to register on any website using Madoza and this username is already taken, an abstract word already taken by someone else! Well i though there is only one Madoza on this planet. Not everyone’s brother come up with this “Madoza” and start calling them this. Glad to be here. :smiley:
Best of luck to Harmony team and all the contributors.

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welcome here Madoza!

Love you too bro Akbar