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DAO Formation, Bootstrap Grant

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The Mynt is a lab for NFTs, founded by artists, digital curators, and designers. We create large-scale immersive NFT experiences and intimate events focusing on education, art, and tech. Over the last five months, we’ve curated NFT projects and generated sales through partnerships with artists, in addition to IRL web 3.0 onboarding in the U.S., Mexico, Sweden, and Germany. Over 100,000 people have engaged with The Mynt during this time, and we’ve also partnered on projects with the Highline Nine and on activations at Frieze LA and ETH Denver. We are a diverse group of web 3 ninjas who believe in sovereignty and craftsmanship. At this stage of our growth, we are looking for a token partner to help us engage with our community in various ways - including live minting and XR experiences. The ability to collaborate with Harmony and its ecosystem will also allow us to create new types of patronage and ownership, starting with The Mynt Gallery.

The Mynt Gallery began in November 2021. This deck does a good job of outlining what we’ve accomplished and what we hope to do in 2022. Located in the Chelsea Arts District of New York City, this space has proved the perfect portal to share the creative force that has been released in web 3 with NFTs. Now that we have the opportunity to stay at this gallery for longer, we want to create a DAO. By doing so, we will be able to blueprint even more opportunities for both galleries and creators to receive funding and be involved in the web 3 space. Pairing innovative technology with NFTs will allow the Gallery DAO to develop prototypes and possibilities for display alongside tech innovators and artists. We also plan to do live minting in the gallery, allowing visitors to have a 1-on-1 experience with the concept of 1-of-1s. These experiences bridge the gap between the digi/physi by leveraging the physical space to pull the visitor in and have them become a part of the digital creative process.

While the IRL location of The Mynt gallery will mainly reside in New York City, we plan to incorporate the MetaVerse and Augmented Reality into the experience, making it accessible to people anywhere in the world. Our commitment to an international narrative means that we will also partner with NFT galleries around the world, creating cross-border storytelling across different exhibitions - interlinking and expanding on the communal experience vital to web 3.0.

We believe Gallery Dao supports three core areas of NFT funding: Curation, Community, and Markets. Our international roadmap also aligns with Harmony’s large commitment to cross-border finance in 2022.

To start, we are requesting the DAO Bootstrap Grant.

Amount: 75k USD

1. Mandates

Gallery DAO - Bridging traditional art to the digital contemporary

  • CURATE - Pair bold artistic voices with innovative display

  • CAPTURE - Educational gallery nights

  • IMMERSE - Metaverse, Augmented Reality, NFT Dining, Cross-border activations

2. Deliverables

First Month - March 2022

  • Adding new display sources into the Gallery

  • Curating one live mint with an Artist via Harmony

  • Hire a gallerist to assist the Mynt in Operations // Events

  • Host four gallery nights on Thursdays for community

  • Grow socials organically, including (Telegram, Twitter, Discord) to 300+ through Twitter Spaces, Discord Stages, and value adds through a mix of educational and entertaining content.

  • Develop and vote on final curation for Spring 2022

Second Month - April 2022

  • NFT Dining Experience to coincide with Frieze Art Fair

  • Launch Augmented Reality Experience

  • Curating one live mint with an artist via Harmony

  • Cross-border Activation in conjunction with ETH Amsterdam (April 22-24, 2022) and Berlin Art Week (April 29 - May 1,20 22)

  • Host 4 gallery nights on Thursdays for community

  • Grow socials organically including, (Telegram, Twitter, Discord) to 600+

Third Month - May

  • Curating one live mint with an artist via Harmony

  • Premiere: Freedom in collaboration with Highline Nine + Two International Galleries

  • Host 4 gallery nights on Thursdays for community

  • Prepare for June NFT NYC and ETH NY programming

  • Grow socials organically including, (Telegram, Twitter, Discord) to 1,000+

Where We Are:

  • Space Confirmed

  • AR Experience In Development

  • Art Curation Started

  • Ready to Launch Community Curatorial Collaboration

  • Exploring Chefs for the Dining Experience (Frieze is located in The Shed, a few blocks walking from our Gallery)

  • In discussions with tech manufacturers and developing future prototypes

You will see the total amount for three months slightly above $75,000. That’s because we believe through existing relationships at The Mynt, we can raise the additional funds to pay for things such as upfront costs associated with the NFT dining experience. For the first month, we are requesting: $25,000.

3. Metrics

  • Educate and/or Onboard 1,000+ people to the blockchain and Harmony through experiences around the gallery.

  • AR experience activated at ETH AMS (Amsterdam), which includes a portal to The Mynt Gallery in NYC

  • Organically grow new socials for the Gallery DAO to 1,000+ users

  • Get three pieces of respected press for the NFT Dining Experience surrounding Frieze

  • Receive additional gallery support and patronage from at least one additional source

  • Onboard a minimum of 2 new artists into the web 3.0 ecosystem

4. Governors

1. Sean Bradford - ORIGINSTØRY- SB is an award-winning actor, recording artist, DJ, and creative director. In addition to more than ten years as an entertainment professional, SB is helping build the new web 3 creator economy and is a co-founder of NFT lab, The Mynt. He has co-created and produced NFT events at the Bitcoin conference, NFT NYC. In addition to creating immersive reality experiences, SB is working on a series of NFT projects and music under the name ORIGINSTØRY.

2. Ryan Roybal - Ryan Roybal is a strategic designer focused on implementing solutions with a positive impact that can bring people together to build creative consciousness. With design roles at global brands such as Audi, Roybal is poised to innovate in the NFT + Web 3 space, rebuilding the conduit from the attention economy into the new creators’ economy. Ryan is a co-founder of The Mynt and, which crafts MetaVerse environments.

3. Molly O’brien - Molly is a creative entrepreneur with an emphasis on photography and production. She holds a B.F.A. in photography from NYU and has worked on productions for Vogue, Apple, and Nike. Molly is a co-founder of The Mynt, currently onboarding artists into the space and producing events for Rarible, Tezos, and Frieze Art Fair.

4. Lyndsey Hankins- Lyndsey is a graduate of Columbia Business schools EMBA program and has 15 years of international real estate experience - overseeing development, operational financials, and asset management for residential, commercial, office, hospitality, retail, and co-living projects. Lyndsey has experience in both start-ups and large-scale organizations. Most notably, she spent five years at The Related Companies. During her time there, she led the direction of organizational strategy at Hudson Yards, setting the foundation for operations, and also served as Director of FP&A, overseeing $8B in cash flows. Lyndsey has a passion for Operations, Asset Management, Corporate Finance, and Management Strategy.

5. Victoria Shamshoyan - NYC-based production powerhouse with more than a decade of experience developing and executing major campaigns for Gemini, Universal McCann, and MTV. Victoria is a co-founder at The Mynt.

Prospective Governors (In Conversation): Will Mercer, Adam Shulman, Kelly LeValley Hunt

Additional team members at The Mynt: Gonzalo Gelso, Wes A’Harrah


  1. Location Partner

  2. Patron

  3. Digital/Physical NFT Artist

  4. Community Leader

  5. Gallery Curator

  6. Gallery Producer

  7. Gallery Education

  8. Metaverse Developer

  9. Web 3 Professional

5. Gnosis Safe Multisig Wallet - We will set this up once we receive approval.

6: Next Election - will be held on Wednesday, May 18, 2022. This will allow enough time for a smooth transition between incoming and outgoing governorship.

Gallery DAO will help to create a new model for the creator economy, diving into concepts such as proof-of patronage and allowing for cross-border collaboration in completely new ways.

We expect the DAO community to play an active role in curation decisions surrounding live minting, as well as activations conducted throughout the yea. Revenue will be generated through NFT sales, activations, and future product ideas that will naturally evolve from this intersection of art & tech. A commitment to artist sovereignty will also help to mold the new creator economy.

Together we can help redefine the contemporary art experience, providing public access while creating a gallery model built on hybrid (digi/physi) interactions with patrons and visitors that can be adopted to develop self-sustaining art spaces that grow community. We are also excited to see how we can collaborate with region-specific Harmony DAO’s, such as Africa DAO, to showcase artistic talents on an international stage.

Bootstrap funding will support 3 months of gallery funding, including educational programming, live minting, operational costs, tech, and display solutions, special events, and governor compensation. We want to create a long-lasting space and set up rewards to peers for exceptional performance as we mold this new version of the art gallery. We plan to keep this gallery at minimum until June 31st but hope that with the formation of gallery DAO, this can exist in this space until at least 2023. Who knows, maybe together we’ll establish the first permanent digi/physi NFT Gallery in New York City.

Looking forward to your feedback and happy to respond to questions!

External Links

The Mynt - Twitter - Instagram - Discord


Sean & Gallery DAO


Thank you for submitting a proposal to Harmony’s $300M Ecosystem Fund. The Grants committee is currently attending ETHDenver and we will be in touch after the event ends.

If you have more details to add, please do so by replying to this thread. We would also love :blue_heart: to have the Harmony community participate to ask questions and provide feedbacks.


I think NFTs and digitally unique assets can change the way artists support themselves. A DAO like this would be instrumental to educating, onboarding, and promoting communities beyond our Web3 folks :slight_smile: Good luck with the grant Gallery DAO team!


As seen in ETH Denver, the reaction to immersive art exhibitions is the future of art gallery experiences. Our 80ft by 10ft LED wall showed builders and collectors what the potential of digital art is, and how it can become interactive, not just a Jpg. Or video on a phone screen. The ability to build immersive worlds allows us to tell stories in a context that wasn’t possible until digital art finally became accepted as “fine art”. We can now propose and present new complex concepts in simple ways to make the viewers feel the art, and not just see it. The Gallery DAO would place Harmony at the forefront of display innovation & experiences within the NFT space. We need a paradigm shift when it comes to gallery/museum exhibition and the team has been working for years now to bring this vision forward. Building this future together with Harmony would be inspiring considering the potential behind this revolutionary technology and its accessibility to the world around us.



ETH Denver


Thank you for submitting a proposal to $300M Ecosystem Fund :blue_heart:

:hourglass_flowing_sand: Your proposal is under review :slight_smile: Meanwhile, head over to our DAO Funding Guidelines

:heavy_check_mark: Please ensure that your proposal meets the criteria necessary to be considered for a Harmony DAO bootstrap grant.

Note, that even if your proposal meets certain criteria, it does not necessarily guarantee approval or funding :see_no_evil:

Thank you for your time and interest! :rocket:


Oh wow! This was y’all!? Sorry I wasn’t able to meet y’all in person!!

I was obsessed with this room.


Thanks James, we aim to be bridge, while also redefining the art experience.


Hey Mikey!

The tech production was done by Gonzalo (co-founder at The Mynt) and artist No Fun Studio. Their collaboration was featured in The Mynt Gallery starting in November and served as a unique conversation piece around NFTs , blockchain technology and web 3.0. Really exciting to see people’s response.

We have a lot of exciting tech collaborations we want to incorporate into the gallery in the next months as well. Our goal is to pair tech with curation that is entertaining and thought provoking - allowing people to connect deeper with the digital and physical are we highlight.

Here are a couple of videos from people at The Gallery. We even had some BAYC owners come through.

Have a great weekend!


It’s been am exciting journey for us! It all started with our event “INFLUENCES” where we worked with artists Sutu, RubenFro, MadMaraca, OrbSeer, Victoria Fard, No Fun Studio and many more to create a fully 3D immersive experience. The artists spent the 2 months creating their 3D works specifically for the 65’ x 14’ curved 3D immersive screen. Live musical performances by Siengo and choregraphed dancer were synced with the 3D artwork.


Love what I see here! Good luck with grant. I look forward to seeing this in Harmony One


With the events the Mynt has hosted around NYC serving as an indicator for their commitment to culture and arts, I’m beyond excited at the potential this team has moving forward.


The quality of work shown in the past events and the commitment to support young artists deserves all the support. Great people behind, working with a good heart. I would love to see it happening in AMS and Berlin this year.


Solid team, sending love from Berlin! WAGMI


Super nice project. Great Energy. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Thanks for all of the support for this project so far.!

Just wanted to update you that we have an exhibition starting this month for women’s month featuring female artists from Ukraine and Russia. Part of the reason we’re passionate about creating The Mynt Gallery DAO is to be able to present important and urgent conversations through art.

If anyone is at The DAOist in Mexico City this weekend would love to meet in person!


So excited to see this project possibly grow into a global community initiative to help rebuild local art communities and networks through crypto. There is so much potential here, and by creating this DAO we can seed the idea to the community and water it together. We hope to keep growing and presenting opportunities through tech and art spaces for new artists and to strengthen the creator economy.


Super awesome proposal! Harmony would be lucky to have you in the family. Love from H.E.R. DAO :orange_heart:


Thanks so much for the support! Hopefully we can help each other grow! Would love to get involved with H.E.R. for some of our upcoming projects. Excited to build the creator economy with more women!