Introducing Hidden Artists with Hidden Wallets (NFT collection on Harmony)

Hay everyone,

I am helping a group of artists launch their first NFT collection on Harmony. They are a young bunch of people with a nice NFT idea. It’s going to be a few weeks before they launch their collection and at the moment they are working on their art pieces and have set up a Twitter account to start to grow a following and they are working on a website.

Hidden Artists with Hidden wallets will be releasing a collection of 8 pieces of digital artwork with a twist. 5 of these pieces will include part of a private key to a Harmony wallet hidden within the art. The first to find all the pieces and put them together will win the wallet. Full details of the amount of One within the wallet, the drop prices, and other instructions will be released soon.

So I have a call to action for you. Please support this project by following the Twitter account Hidden Artists - Hidden Wallets (@WalletsHidden) / Twitter as the faster they reach their social targets the sooner they will launch the collection.

This project has come from a student currently taking our Expert Track in Blockchain, web3, and digital assets, for which we have a DAO funding application currently in with Harmony. Hidden artists want to remain anonymous.


Cool idea, very cool. This whole Harmony website is very new idea and very needed. I see lots of posts. I see yours. 18 views and not 1 like, except mine. I’m not sure what’s up with the viewers. This concept is a fresh approach to a NFT Drop. Id like to see people rally around and support these things. Because i am local to Harmony, Tahoe vs SF. I want to offer my commercial building for a NFT Maker Space and Crypto University, Campground style. I going to tell as many people as i have too, to find 2 or 3 local Tahoe Devs, who want to support a lot of people on this site. I have read most of these proposals. They all have merit. Its like 100 people with 300 fantastic ideas. Seems like we need a big building to come together and collaborate in the flesh. I’m open to creating a large team that has a physical place to come and go. Everybody’s included. I get that Web work means anybody from anywhere can work together, but lots of shit slips thru the cracks. JMO

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thank you kindly @Big-Yeti. I am glad you saw the post. Have a wonderful day

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