Introducing harmony university hub

The increasing momentum of exploration in the usecase of blockchain technology in providing solutions to various problems is constantly increase and getting traction.
Alot of able and capable contributors in this sphere are out there, yet to explore the right ecosystem to provide them with infrastructure and tooling as well as enabling environment to create, deploy and scale their solutions.
HARMONY as a rapidly growing, but promising ecosystem in terms of security, speed and low transaction offers starters an optimal environment to create and deploy their solutions to the blockchain ecosystem.
Despite it’s features that makes it stand out in providing enabling environment for contributors ranging from developers to designers, artist, marketing experts, economic experts, legal experts and lots more, a structure that will connect the potentials with the harmony ecosystem by creating awareness about it’s enabling opportunities still is an essential tool need to put in place to onboard and enable both web2 and web3 contributors to play their part in the growth of the ecosystem in achieving it’s mission of 10M ecosystem users.

University is a place known to house active, passionate and vibrant learner’s ready to embrace leading technology and incorporate in the current concepts. And thus, stand to be among the best potential place to outsource developers, artists and contributors from various sphere of desciplines from engineering, health to art

Nigeria, Which is among the developing countries in the world, and significant number in blockchain adoption will play a huge role to supporting mission of mass adoption.
If success is counted on the first trench, there is hope for global coverage to magnify the mandate to global level

I convinced this idea, and put it forth for evaluation and if approved to proceed with request for approval and support of Harmony to create Communities/Hubs of harmony developers, artist and contributors starting with the major universities in Nigeria as well as organising events like sports, quiz competitions and contests taged with harmony to increase brand awareness among Nigerian University students.

This will not only adds to harmony Nigeria Community, but also create harmony Communities accross global universities , which will support mass connection of like minded individuals, and p2p collaboration among those willing to contribute towards creating and scaling their ideas intro real tangible project to deployed on harmony blockchain

I will be willing to work with relevant DOA as well to make this possible if it’s find applicable in harmony ecosystem

Greetings @nickv , I see you were assigned on this thread. can you review and give a feedback

hey , @adamlawalbkr1 , do you want to form a DAO that enrolls university students to harmony , i think the proposal needs to be worked on a little according to harmony funding guidelines . i can help with drafting the proposal DM me

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