What Harmony means to me

Hello everyONE,

my name is Jeremy (GlobeyNFT) and I am kicking off the discussion of “What Harmony means to me” from a personal standpoint, and will be inviting other members of the Community DAO to add their own interpretation of the same question. I hope this kickstarts a conversation around the participation and strength our community demonstrates on a daily basis.

Harmony - It is in the name for me

I began life in blockchain as a fan of the natural energy in the space. Watching some of the earliest communities evolve and grow exponentially gave me hope for all the things that could be possible with the world changing tech; combined with true human connection.

From the start I have firmly believed that anyone could succeed in the space if they contribute. Harmony represents this to me because it has allowed me to grind 23 hours a day for 8 months straight and find/ build communities, organizations and relationships that I truly believe will last a lifetime.

What Harmony means to me in this space is also the incredibly unique beliefs we share as community members. I have seen too many examples to count of HELPFUL contributions in NON monetary ways. Reaching out, helping console in tough times, be there for one another in ways that AREN’T just attached to market fluctuations, but genuine friendship and kindness.

Harmony means living with one another, working together to better the protocol, our technology, our messaging, our branding, our outreach, and grow organically as human beings together as well.

Harmony to me means combining all of these things to showcase to the world why Two second finality and super low fees are just the tip of the iceberg of why Harmony can and will continue to grow going forward.

Now, I challenge @Harmonious_Dude and all members of @HarmonyCommunityDAO to tell us what they feel Harmony means to them.



Hey there fellow Harmonauts! My name is Kyle (Harmonious Dude). I’m here today to pickup the baton from @Globey.one and continue the conversation he so eloquently began of 'What Harmony means to me." I will then ask other governors to answer this question in the manner they seem fit. Our hope is that you, the wonderful community members, will continue this conversation after we have each presented our replies.

Globey stole a little of my thunder in his response by highlighting the name, Harmony. It says so much about what this community and protocol exemplifies. When I began my crypto journey, I was immediately struck by the innovation and forward thinking mentality of the industry as a whole, but to be honest, I never felt the sense that I was a participant in it as an investor in other projects. After finding Harmony, I was immediately impressed with not just the tech (I won’t get into the details because if you’re reading this, you probably already know), but with the ethos behind it: creating a radically fair economy and scaling trust for billions. A common theme I’ve noticed among blockchain enthusiasts is the general dislike of the status quo. Centralized structures have worn on our society and, beyond the tech, cryptocurrency has awoken an optimism in millions that there may be not only be a better way to move into the future, but that it’s attainable through these exciting technologies.

Even with all of that said, until I found Harmony I was occasionally turned off by coin maxis and shillers that don’t care about the deeper meaning behind what is possible with these opportunities. Yes, financial freedom is likely the primary goal of all investors, Harmonauts included. But with Harmony there is such an amazing palpable energy of community. We don’t drag ‘competing’ protocols through the mud. We appreciate the contributions of others. We look out for each other. And most importantly, we encourage and bring out the best in one another.

At the time I found Harmony, I did not have any ambitions to participate in a community and contribute to its success. It seemed impossible. It did not happen overnight, but as I became more accepted and ingrained in the community I started to make friends that seemed genuinely interested in helping bring out the best in me. I was so anxious at the prospect of running my own validator node, but with the help of the existing validators I received enough support to fight through it and pulled it off. I’ve made such good friends with so many of them. It has really become a catalyst for me to repeatedly step outside of my comfort zone. In recent months, I have taken part in podcasts and twitter spaces, even though the thought of speaking to an audience is quite crippling to me. I started and am commissioner of a Harmony fantasy football league where 11 fellow Harmonauts and myself message on an almost daily basis and just have fun chatting. Then, perhaps most exciting for me, I was encouraged (with much personal hesitation) to run for a governor position on the Community DAO council. It’s not that I felt I lacked the passion and presence to contribute. I just had self doubts due to a lifetime of feeling like no matter what I did, I was always running uphill and not making the difference I wished I could. More recently, I was hit with several life altering situations in my personal life that struck me to the core of my being. Fortunately for me, I had the Harmony community on my side. The support they had shown me the previous months gave me the willingness to show my vulnerability at that moment. I’ve never been so supported and lifted up and encouraged in my entire life and I credit, to a large degree, the Harmony community for being able to get on the other side and be a better person for it.

In conclusion, I guess what I’m trying to say as I answer “what does Harmony mean to me?” is that Harmony has become my family. It’s who I turn to for support, advice, humor, inspiration, comfort, friendship, and just general good cheer. Yes, the technology involved with this protocol is incredible and I am in awe of what this team accomplishes every day, but the community is what sets it apart without a doubt. Its incredible, but I guess it should be no surprise, just how well the communal nature of the tech with its bridges and compatibility is manifested within harmonauts as a whole. I’m truly blessed to have found Harmony and not only am I the most optimistic for my future than maybe I’ve ever been, but I’m pushing the boundaries of what I can accomplish everyday with more and more confidence. My message to everyone in closing is that you have the ability to take part in this. With the emergence of decentralized governace and it still being such a new concept, we very much hold the power within ourselves to contribute to making a future that we can all be optimistic about. Take that first step. Participate. You won’t regret it.

Thanks for listening to my story and if you read this and ever want to connect to discuss anything and everything, Harmony related or not, please reach out. I love engaging with you all. Now, I challenge @Krypto_Kakashi and all other member of @HarmonyCommunityDAO to tell us what Harmony means to them.

Abiding as always,
The Dude


Harmony Protocol and what it means to Me,

Life shouldn’t be complacent, the way Harmony has built its platform, it’s capabilities are a low key flex on how it has adapted to be able to grow exponentially. I am honored as an individual to share moments beside this incredible blockchain.

Harmony Protocol does it differently, from being a Layer ONE, to serving as a Layer 2, and from handling multiple shards, to push towards the goal of additional keys for validators Keep it moving !

Reply from Li

In no sense am the I ONE to say “if you can’t beat them join them” , I’m a rebel and competitive individual :laughing: though, I’m only human.

However what Harmony does with its action is extend arms rather than wait to be asked for help. Harmony created the egoless and ideal environment to take part in a blockchain. From what I see everyONE is on the same level :balance_scale: and the door :door: is open for the next person up!

What Harmony did for Me

From working in trenches, solitude and greasy conditions, to now collaborating collectively with members who share the same interest but have different upbringings.

I found peace through community involvement “deep down we all wanna socialize” from validators to developers and NFT collectors the love is abundantly found here.

Harmony and the community embraced me after leaving my occupation, since then life has seemed to be in rhythm. While I promise never to miss a beat, I’ll be here for the highs and lows and when it gets hot or cold. Being a part of a Rolling Stone, we know we need more bite than bark, I relate to Harmony Protocol because they preach to just build and don’t fight, everything has it’s time :hourglass_flowing_sand:

I would like to challenge @freyala :up: next!




It’s been quite a journey with you.

Harmony was ONE of the first projects I came across as a beginner to cryptocurrency (I couldn’t resist, I apologize!). After looking into Harmony, I was extremely surprised by the small but passionate community for what was quite an under-the-radar project at the time. You guys are awesome. Period.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: what is there not to like about Harmony? Near-instant transactions, low costs and the freedom to build whatever the heck your heart desires… Sounds pretty awesome to me. Plus, no need to worry about paying hundreds of dollars in gas fees. That’s already sexy in itself.

I know that Harmony will continue to grow and thrive as both a project and community… all thanks to you guys! The amazing team behind Harmony never ceases to amaze me either, and I know that there are only great things ahead for us.

I challenge @Bricktop_One next!

Love y’all,


When I started out in Blockchain, I was living deep in the dream of what Ethereum could offer us, after days, weeks, and months of research I grabbed my debit card and went all-in on Ethereum. I couldn’t believe it was legal to make so much profit and I also couldn’t believe that most of the world was still sleeping on the benefits of blockchain as a technology and as a new form of income.

After spending a lot of time researching I can across Harmony and oh boy was I intrigued. Naturally, as an Ethereum investor it was the first thing I compared it to. Transaction fees… wutt. Transactions speed… wutttt. Scalability… Amazing. Then I had to see the team, after some digging I realized that I hadn’t come across such a solid team before, and by that point, I was in.

I wanted to spread my investment and hold my Ethereum because although I could see Harmony exploding in the future, I also believed Ethereum would do well due to its institutional investors, and compared to Bitcoin, everyone loves an underdog with more room for profit.

So regularly after I paid bills I started to ape in, I was here for the money, and it was working, it was working extremely well which gave the ape in me extra drive to ape harder. I started to get involved with the community and I remember realizing how chilled everyone was, and the differences I had seen compared to different moonboi communities.

After the excitement of the easy profits died down I started looking at the bigger picture with Harmony, everyone seemed to be competing, everything in the space was about which project was going to be bigger or which project would be the last man standing. I couldn’t see the space as many others thought it would be, that we were going to be left with one dominant chain. These platforms would have to work in unison for the masses and what better project to start this than Harmony. Harmony’s focus on interoperability with being one of the keys to success will be the driving force behind its mass adoption in the future.

Harmony’s head-down attitude was great, although there was noise from the team I thought this was great. I had visions of them coding away into the early hours having so much faith in what they were setting out to achieve that they realized the old 'Build it and they will come and I feel that’s truly the case.
Their vision of DAOs is astonishing to me, I don’t know if I could have built something so beautiful and then just let it go into the wildlands of blockchain, but Harmony is extremely serious about giving up the control and handing the chain over to its community.

I went from a regular community to member, to creating a Harmony video, to getting on the Community DAO initial council, which I was so proud of doing, knowing I was playing a small part in the history and future of blockchain was mindblowing for me. And to get on the council again to serve as a governor was incredible. It’s so much more than a job for me, it’s the community, it’s the future, it’s something I truly believe will change the world.

I guess from here on out, as adoption pours into Harmony we will see how successful we can be as a community and as a family with a mutual understanding. We’re here to stay, and we have something special to offer the world.

I challenge @StrongMindsHold next, who was the first person I spoke with within the community.


Nobody nominated me but here i go anyways. I’m gonna keep this short and very sweet. . .just like me.

I got into crypto because of our Lord Father Coin: DOGECOIN. Lol. I thought i was gonna be the next crypto millionaire. I quickly dove into twitter to find out more about how i’m gonna be rich, only to find an even more rich ecosystem in $ONE and Harmony Protocol. This was around February, around the same time @USSHarmony took it upon himself to be the meme captain and infomercial for the #Harmonaut community. Thus, my love for coding and blockchain technology and NFT’s took over. It gave me a certain purpose in life, when i desperately needed one. Now I have friends that I’ve never met irl that I consider family.

Harmony Protocol, for me, is a second chance. And it’s a damn good one so far. And I’ll be here for the long run. And I look forward to growing with y’all.

I challenge @eddnorris and @CoinsProphet next. Good luck topping my tear jerker ya’ losers. :blue_heart::blue_heart::blue_heart:


Thanks for the shout out, @frwrdslosh :pray:

I myself got into crypto in early 2021. Back then I was heavily into stocks.
I’ve been hearing about crypto for years, but never tried to learn more about it. I thought it was too complicated and shady… Then time passed by and I started hearing more and more about crypto and this thing called blockchain. So I decided to look into this space further, so that I understand it thoroughly. I invested a lot of time reading and researching and I got really, really hooked up. I’m a senior software developer and I knew from that exact moment that this thing has the potential to change every economic sector out there for the better. I knew I was looking at a sleeping giant - something that not that many people are currently into, but something that will become mainstream in a few years. Few months later and it’s already a mainstream thing.

So, after a ton of research I found Harmony and I immediately loved the project, the team and the community. Then I decided to quit on stocks completely and to put all I had back then into $ONE. Best. Decision. Ever. Not only because I made great ROI, but more importantly because I’ve got the chance to meat a lot of amazing people from around the world. Frankly, I don’t have a lot of friends in real life, but here I have a lot of buddies from the U.S and EU all the way to India, China and Australia.

The community and the amazing technology behind Harmony is the reason I am here. That’s also the reason I’m never selling and never saying goodbye. I am here to stay, because my friends and family are here.

So, for me, Harmony is a family, first and foremost.

@Believion , you are next, buddy.


Thanks for tagging me in @frwrdslosh :handshake:

Here we go!

What does Harmony mean to me?

Harmony💙 means a LOT to me.

First, Harmony means a chance for the people of this world to have a more sustainable, more decentralized, more globally-equitable, affordable economic transaction network…

A way to give people an ability to self govern,
to be more self reliant,
to work to become less vulnerable to government oppression or abuses of power,
to separate Bank and State, as common people separate Church and State…
for the security of all of those involved with both.
to take back control of their lives through methods like DAOs, smart contracts, Code-is-Law, first principles…
by holding those in any position of authority to a standard of transparency and accountability that would never have been possible without blockchain technology.

Secondarily as a game developer and interactive designer, I’ve spent the last few years searching for a technology like Harmony.
Harmony is the path to building things that aren’t bound by the limitations of most blockchains; In the interactivity world, people expect things to happen extremely quickly and to do that other blockchains make sacrifices; usually at the expense of the environment.

As a game developer, it’s hard to justify sacrificing the environment… for fun.

In my experience with other blockchains…
They’re all good for something but either they’re harder to work with or they’re slower or they’re not focused on being affordable (to use), or environmentally friendly (to operate) and often they’re not flexible enough to adapt to what the community/ecosystem needs.

But Harmony has is all, and is getting better every day!

It means A LOT to me.

Alright… Let’s crank this up a notch! :rocket:

What does Harmony mean to YOU!? :blue_heart:


Harmony means we’re all gonna make it!

All of us together :blue_heart:

We are gonna make it by loving each other and supporting each other and believing in each other while we all contribute our unique talents to build a bridge between community and technology. All of us building towards a shared vision of an equitable and decentralized future.

It really looks beautiful when you write it out like that :heart_eyes:

Thank you for asking @eddnorris this is a wonderful thread :blue_heart:


What does Harmony mean to you?


Thanks @Globey.one for kicking this thread off


Harmony is family. Harmony is opportunity. Harmony is belonging, not just participating, but truly belonging to something that is bigger than myself, bigger than the struggles of my day-to-day, bigger than all of us.

Harmony is community.

Harmony IS all of us. We are Harmony, and so are the millions of others out there who are seeking what we have here.

Harmony is home.


Harmony means excitement to me, it means being part of a community that feels like a family. When I discovered Harmony and joined the community, I knew this was something special. I have been in the blockchain environment since 2017 and found Harmony early this year. I knew the community was special and I knew I would need to do my part for the community. Hence the creation and birth of Harmony Universe. Proud to be a part of a blockchain that truly rewards its community.

More to come!


hello sers
harmony means moneys for me

Hehe, that is very honest ser.