Funding for the SoCal Crypto Café

Name of Project:

Harmony Ambassador to host DAO related event within Orange County

Application type:

Bi-weekly Harmony Events

Proposal overview:

I will be hosting a Bi-weekly peer-to-peer workshop event at the Harmony Tea Bar, as an ambassador. This will be the first “Crypto Cafe” of Southern California. On 11/11, the event will include an introductory presentation on DAOs and their utility on the Harmony network.

I will be giving a walkthrough presentation on DAOs and onboarding members to participate in Harmony’s $300 million grant. The presentation will also include how to set up a Harmony wallet & Metamask.

The primary objective is to host educational workshops to introduce the community to launching DAOs on Harmony, and get people excited about Harmony One in SoCal.

Attendees will leave with a Harmony 1Wallet application & MetaMask installed.

Team: Rachel Brissenden:

  • Sustainable Development DAO Governor
  • Business Development, Business Owner
  • Involvement within two separate DAOs: Bridge Builders and Sustainability DAOs
  • Fine Arts background, with an Emphasis in Content Creation
  • 1+ years of Experience in the Financial Sector (credit monitoring industry)
  • Specializing in Affiliate Marketing & Email Marketing campaigns

Proposal ask:

Up to $1,000 in $ONE equivalent


Producing printed Harmony T-shirts for new members.

Drinks for members at the meetup.

Continued public relations attendance for a bi-weekly Harmony community event.


Location: Harmony Tea Bar, 25380 Marguerite Pkwy suite l, Mission Viejo, CA 92692

Date: Starting Thursday 11/11/2021; Bi-weekly occurrence.

Time: 7-8pm

Special Considerations: We have initiated talks with upper management to reserve space for future events. On the 11th we will have access to open outdoor, heated tables to meet.


This is a community-building event where we want to cultivate the relationship between SoCal Harmony Ambassadors, those who build community & promote the Harmony protocol, and any Harmony community members in the vicinity.

Metrics for success

We anticipate having about a dozen Harmony community members attend and get engaged towards building a Harmony future. Additionally, I aim to hand out t-shirts that spread awareness of Harmony in the SoCal area.

External links

I have created a meetup page for the event:

I have also communicated about this event via the Telegram channel, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. I will continue to post event details, content, graphics & meetup details as well.


Additional Costs: Organizer Subscription

I am currently on a Monthly Meetup Subscription subscription plan

  • My last payment of $16.79 was received on Oct 30, 2021.
  • My next payment of $23.99 for a Meetup Subscription: 1 month plan will be charged on Nov 29, 2021.

This meetup subscription will go towards helping our community gather at events. This will help us to coordinate the “SoCal Crypto Café” & other SoCal gatherings for Harmony such as “Crypto over Dim Sum” on November 20th.

I have successfully hosted the first SoCal Crypto Café: Harmony @ Harmony
I’ve received confirmation of committee approval via Telegram from @Jacksteroo

Additional Information Requested

  1. Time Frame of Event

I will be hosting the SoCal Crypto Café bi-weekly for 6 months to start, for a total of 12 events.

If we see continued success in inciting community engagement and successfully onboarding individuals into the Harmony ONE ecosystem, I will extend this time period to 1 year for a total of 24 events.

  1. Merchandise Estimate

We shopped around and found multiple platforms for Wholesale Distribution to promote Harmony ONE through brand merchandise.

For the first 6 months of hosting the SoCal Crypto Café, we will order:
40 Wholesale T-Shirts and 10 Wholesale Hoodies off Threadsy for a total of $301.34
(Order summary image attached)

Digital Screen-printing will be approximately $5 to $10 per print coming out to a total of $250-500

Total cost of merch = $551.34 - $801.34

Order summary for Wholesale Merchandise:
Screenshot (528)

  1. Additional Funds will be allocated towards:
    -Buying 1 round of beverages at Harmony Tea Bar for participants
    -Paying for the monthly Meetup membership
    -Hours of workshop development, as well as building & presenting at events

Example of T-Shirt

Example of Hoodie
Screenshot (535)

-We are looking for a “one-liner” that can capture the heart & energy of the Harmony Community to put on our merch.

Great work @ElixirofLife! Approved for $1K Events grant

Meanwhile, to prepare receiving funds, email your identification documents to

Checkout the Funding FAQ for further info at Harmony Funding FAQ

We’d love :blue_heart: to continue seeing weekly updates on this channel to keep the community posted here on the events progress!

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Fantastic. Thank you @Jacksteroo & to the Harmony Core Team for your response! :pray:

@dpagan-harmony has also recommended that I include updates and images on the forum from each events.

I will post in replies to this thread!

Social Media Post Including Images:


Harmony @ Harmony Telegram Group Created:

Example of Community Engagement on Social Media:

One of the participants came to the event with zero prior knowledge of DAOs. They left the event with an understanding of DAOs and shared the lesson plan content on social media.

Standard Operations for Events:

  1. Create a Unique Lesson Plan for the Event

  2. Organize Meetup Page

  3. Share, Invite & Excite using Social Media, Telegram, and Meetup

  4. Host Event & Present Lesson Plan

  5. Network & Continue to Grow Telegram & Meetup Groups

  6. Conclude with “Fireside Chat” Discuss Goals, Dreams, & Aspirations of the Attendees

  7. Follow up, Share Event Results via Social Media & Talk Forum

this proposal has been funded! Harmony Blockchain Explorer

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