Invest in SwopX | an NFT platform with robust Data Analytics on millions of NFTs across several chains


What is SwopX? is the first NFT platform that uses AI\ML to provide an enhanced experience trading NFT’s, by showing robust Data Analytics, Price Appraisals, Forecasting, Fraud Detection, and NFT authentication at scale from different chains in a time when users are seeking more clarity and transparency in the NFT marketplace.

What has been done so far at SwopX?

SwopX currently has more than 6 TB of NFT data and our collection gets updated every 5 minutes. The SwopX team includes highly experienced data scientists, machine learning scientists, software engineers, and blockchain engineers that leveraged fintech algo strategies to provide insights for the NFT marketplace. The current website gives access to robust analytics in real time and at scale, these methods are using AI and Machine learning to continuously improve the results.

What is Apreum (APU)?

We have developed a utility token for our platform called Apreum to power the economy of minting, buying, selling, swapping and rewarding users for activity as well as referring other users to the platform. SwopX provides data analytics at a discount to enterprise clients who purchase services with the native token Apreum (APU). APU has a limited supply of 1B Tokens with 40% allocated for Community Rewards. Currently, APU is listed on Bitmart exchange, with a second CEX launch scheduled in April, 2022.

Why are we raising money?

We are planning to include additional chains from which we will collect NFT data that includes gaming NFTs, art NFTs, video NFTs, and audio NFTs.
Additionally, we are working on rolling out additional products that will require development times and additional resources to finish in a timely manner.

Why collaborate with Harmony?

SwopX is aiming to bridge its smart contracts with different solid chains that are interested in NFTs such as Harmony One.

We would like to find any participants as follow-on investors.

External links

White paper:
Telegram channel: Telegram: Contact @swopxAPU
Telegram announcement:

One Tutorial Example:

  • Suggesting Price: highlighting one of the features which Suggests Price.
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