Investments: CryptIDs - Multiplayer Autochess-Style Battler with Gamified NFTs

I would love to see this project get funding! They have established a great community and strong project at They’ve shown full transparency and incredible development already. Having committed funding through a multi-sig wallet would really help bring wider adoption for Harmony


Really excited for this! The Harmony space definitely requires something more towards the “fun and chill” side of things.


@freyala @Tailchakra we’re really excited about your proposal. We’d like to make sure the funding is in the right category (e.g. Investment) and that the amount is sufficient to knock this out of the park, with realistic timelines.

Please DM me over at Telegram @jacksteroo and we can start a group conversation with Harmony.


Super happy to hear that! I’ve messaged you on telegram.

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Looks amazing! Will the nft’s offset this though?

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Great information in the reply section too. You have won a Yes from me.


Looks really promising.
Hope to play this game soon and funding would really help I can imagine. :pray:t5:

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This is huge idea, I love that

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This looks great. Would be a great asset to the Harmony ecosystem. I agree with others that the staking feature is a great feature. Best of luck on the roll out!

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@freyala @Tailchakra wonderful to see a huge community engagement here.

Diving deeper here:

1/ PLAYABILITY: I’m not here to judge whether the game is gonna be succesful or not, the eventual players will be the one to judge. The game mechanics are explained in your proposal, though I’ve to actually see it in action to assess the playability to fully grasp this.

Is there a way you can test out your game mechanics? many board game designers do this. they cut out cardboards, hand write the characteristics, rules, behavior, etc. and actually have people play the game, as if it was a completed product. then they iterate on it.

2/ EXECUTION: What types of games have you launched in the past? You seem to have a good grasp of this. Mind laying out you and your team’s background, specifically around games? If not, anything that will help understand that you’ll be able to execute on this strongly.

I’d love to see how you can plan this out in phases. Instead of investing all your time, energy and funds into a near complete game, why not launch with a few cities, and lock the rest while you collect feedback? Also, do you have connections with game makers / board game producers who can help you with the mechanics?

3/ 2D vs 3D: I’m failing to grasp why there’s a 3D component to this game. Looks like that’s the one that costs the most time, energy and funds. I see the isometric (viewed from an angle) board game, but where do the 3D characters come in? Is it a transitional video, or are the board game battles going to happen in 3D? Can’t we start with isometric views with 2D characters, and then move to 3D? Maybe I don’t get it here.

4/ BLOCKCHAIN: How does blockchain help here other than minting NFTs for each of the Harmons? Proof of ownership is like pride of ownership. Is there anything that extends beyond that outside of this world? I do see the in-game rewards with the XYA tokens, but how is that different from a made-up tokens (gold, gem, iron, copper, etc.) by non-blockchain game makers? Will the NFTs be a 3D animation collectible?

Hi Jacksteroo!

I hadn’t posted here before, but I’m splat and I’ve been working with Tail and Freya on CryptIDs, creating the monsters themselves and drafting up the core mechanics. I think you bring up some valid questions and I hope to help answer some of them.

1 Playability: The game functions on a lot of different and independent timers, making it very difficult to translate into a paper prototype. One of the things that’s been on the roadmap from the get-go (and @Tailchakra, please correct me if I make a mistake on the technical end here) is a technical alpha to get player feedback on the core systems. In this phase, it don’t have a connection to the Harmony blockchain or any completed art to go with it yet: it’s meant to get insight from players and change route where needed.

2 Execution: I’m not entirely sure where the cities you mention come from exactly - but we intend to launch with a base set of monsters families and release new sets post-launch. This model helps us to launch earlier than we would’ve been able to if we’d go the Pokémon route and release them 150 at a time - but it also helps us to keep interest going: games like League of Legends as well as the Smash Bros. Ultimate have been keeping interest steadily due to their sporadic releases of new characters.

In regards to the team’s background, I feel like Tail will have a better answer than I can, since he has been steadily reinforcing the team with additional developers.

3 2D vs 3D: While I agree that 2D is the most efficient option in the short term, 3D will be the better option in the long term. I think there’s three main reasons for this:

  1. Flexibility. 2D sprites are locked to the angle they’re produced in, while 3D models can be used from every angle. This means that while 2D art can be used for the core gameplay, the 3D models can be used in cutscenes, teaser images, loading images, etc.
  2. Scalability. We could easily add to the game without having to make a second version of the monster in a slightly different angle. Pokémon has swapped from 2D to 3D in generation 6, and has been using the same models (with edits to the texture, lighting and an increase in polycount) for multiple generations now. This also includes editing the models post-launch: if player response is bad or if we go the League of Legends route and want to increase graphic fidelity after the game has been out for a bit: the rigging and aminations could be kept - while it’d be a beast to do if we go 2D.
  3. External usability. I personally would love to be able to give a little extra and send people a 3D model of their NFT to print. Or allow them to create a derivative game using that NFT. Upon creating the initial models one of the devs mentioned he could theoretically create a CryptIDs Kart already. While it isn’t something that is required, it does open doors that 2D wouldn’t.

4 Blockchain: NFTs are the cornerstone of the concept. We want every monster to be unique: there will only ever be one monster that has your specific combination of stats and abilities. One of my biggest gripes with games that feature randomized stats is that they ultimately feel like a roadblock than an actual mechanic, since most people will keep rolling until they have the best in slot options - the game meta will cater to one specific set that all players aim to get. By disallowing people to get the absolute best, they will have to strategize around the options they do have - even if it’s not the perfect roll it might still be a beast in your team.

Being able to keep rerolling for stats also means that you don’t really get an attachment to your monsters, they’re just a bundle of sets (either the best or pretty much worthless). By limiting the options you have people might get a stronger bond to their monsters.

Finally, this also means you have to make a decision in evolving your monsters, since it decreases the total monster count. This could mean that holding on to your monster might be more worthwhile in the long run - as there might be more fully evolved ones the supply of the lower level ones (that you can no longer mint at one point) might decrease and increase it’s value.

NFTs currently seem to be used mostly for art projects and we want to move some boundaries with this!


This shows so much promise, I really hope that this project will be funded! <3


Moonboi approves this

This looks really well done. I would love to see this NFT Game Project become a reality.

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Hi @Jacksteroo!

We understand that this may not necessarily fit under one category specifically. As discussed, we would be open to the proposed $50K equity-free grant plus $200K investment.

As for the $200K investment, that would mean having $200K in ONE swapped for XYA, correct? Either way, we are all for letting governance decide!


With this art style and the mechanics I’ve read through, IMO this game would likely be the talk of the town.

Giving multiple NFTs utility within a single game is super exciting as well. I firmly believe there’s a shift coming to this concept.

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Here are some teasers of CryptIDs gameplay so far!

Furthermore, we are integrating plot functionality with Harmons (the NFTs from CryptIDs). Plots of land can be used for Harmon storage, upgrading Harmons and farming for Harmons.

Note: All XYA used to purchase plots were locked back into the plots themselves.


@freyala @Tailchakra great! Let’s discuss this further on the details of the proposal


Approved for $50K with the Launch guidelines. Congrats @freyala @Tailchakra team!

We’ll work with you to look for a lead and follow-on investors for this initiative.


Hey Freyala and team,
Congratulations for the Funding!
I´m reaching all new NFT projects to add an extra feature, that could save us all a lot of time.

What do you think about to offer the users the option to mint the NFTs using your internal contract and using the daVinci SDK ? using daVinci SDK will mint and put the NFT automatically on sale on daVinci Marketplace. GitHub - harmony-one/davinci-sdk: DaVinci SDK

For example:
User can select:

  • Mint NFTs exclusively on CryptIDs (HRC721)
  • Mint NFTs on CryptIDs platform however using daVinci SDK (HRC1155) and NFTs will be shown immediately in daVinci Marketplace as well.

Both option will be available, so user can choose.
What do you think?

let me know what you think?
we can help you with sdk implementation

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