Investments: CryptIDs - Multiplayer Autochess-Style Battler with Gamified NFTs

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Introduction to Freyala ($XYA)

Freyala ($XYA) is an HRC-20 token on the Harmony network. The token is built to drive everything in the Freyala ecosystem, ranging from plot NFTs to the multiplayer game CryptIDs. We have created an entire fantasy world with our app, which showcases a map filled with different locations that represent certain features in the ecosystem, worldbuilding and art.

The Freyala world takes place in a walled city. Creatures named ‘Harmons’ with magical properties wander around the vast wilderness. The Freyfolk seek to catch, breed and fight with these monsters.

What is CryptIDs?

CryptIDs is an auto-chess style battle game that features Harmons, which are monster collectible NFTs (HRC-721 non-fungible tokens). Players will be able to mint Harmons, which will each be its own unique NFT with randomly generated stats. These minted NFTs provide proof of ownership for the game, allowing players to claim them and battle others.

Players can earn XYA in rewards for winning matches. 150,000,000 XYA tokens for in-game rewards have been locked until February 6, 2022 approximately (may differ due to block times).

Minting Harmons

Users can earn a YTA (yet to announce) currency by staking XYA-ONE LP, which will be used to buy and sell NFTs in the Freyala ecosystem, most notably Harmons. This currency is also the only currency needed to play the game, hence introducing a “stake to play” system.

There are twelve monster types in total. Harmons can be up to two types at once, paving the way to some creative combinations that are not overly complex.

Rarity, Stats and Randomization

There are four Harmon rarities: common, rare, epic and legendary. However, not all Harmons will have the legendary variant. Players can normally only mint common Harmons. Each Harmon will have different stats, which are composed of two different values: constant base stats specific to the design, and unique randomized variable bonus stats.

As shown in the image above, there are currently three different stats (but these can be expanded upon after balance testing): health, power and speed.

To upgrade a Harmon to the next rarity, players will need to fuse Harmons of the same kind together. In order to do this, the player has to select one Harmon to be the ‘primary’ monster. The generated stats from this Harmon will be carried over to the upgraded version, whilst the other will effectively be sacrificed.

Match Setup

We will utilize a matchmaking system that is based on how powerful your Harmons are. This ensures that a player with only commons will not get matched against someone with only epic or legendary Harmons, for example.

Before starting the battle, players can drag their selected Harmons onto a battlefield. This battlefield is composed of hexagons with an initial map size of 9x9 tiles at the widest points (subject to change).

Each player can use a set amount of monsters. For simplicity, let’s say you can only use three monsters. It should also be noted that players will only be able to deploy their Harmons on one half of the board (with the opponent having the other half).

Utilizing Harmons with matching traits can result in set bonuses; for example, two Fel Harmons would give a player’s entire team slightly more offensive power. These set bonuses introduce an extra element of strategizing, as it may be better to think of the entire team composition, rather than just picking the strongest Harmons stats-wise.

PVP Gameplay

The PVP gameplay works with a simple set of logics and internal timers. At the end of each timer, Harmons can perform one of two actions: move and attack.

Harmons can only attack when an enemy is within range. The actual time taken for actions is based on the Harmon’s speed stat (base + bonus), but attacking will always be slower than moving regardless.

Each Harmon will run on its own timer, meaning that the player is not able to dictate what the monster does. This emphasizes the importance of making sure overall team composition and Harmon placement is optimal.

Afbeelding met tekst Automatisch gegenereerde beschrijving

Each Harmon has two types of attacks: quick ability and charged ability. The first is a faster yet weaker ability that can be used indefinitely, There are multiple quick abilities with varying attack power and charging speeds; each successful attack will add to the progress bar of a Harmon’s charged ability.

Charged abilities are significantly stronger. These have a wider range of effects like debuffs and healing, which vary depending on the Harmon itself. If a Harmon fully unlocks their charged attack, the quick attack ability will automatically be replaced by the charged attack.

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Metrics for success

5K - 10K daily active users

$2M in transaction volume

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World App

Beginner’s Guide



This look amazing! The stake to play is genius. It would keep it stable and be able to earn some coins that can be used in game. Can you add ONEs from your Harmony wallet for in game purchases like limited edition or rare monsters or gears? If the players can, that would really send it


So far no ideas for “micro-transactions” yet. If there were, we would personally prefer them to be in $XYA to incentivize the token (we’re working on the perfect way of making $XYA usable at all times, whether it be for players with a lot of money - or those with a lower portfolio).

However, there will be limited edition and rare Harmons. These will most likely be event-bound or story-bound (like Harmons for our governance $YIN and $YANG tokens). We’ve also discussed a community-driven and “featured” artist range of Harmons. With SloppyPencil on board we have been discussing a way to get more known artists on board to feature a Harmon! But this would all be in due time, you wouldn’t want to create too many “rare” Harmons - else they would lose their rarity status.

To add on to the main post, for the stake-to-play option. We’re working on a desktop executable variant for the game, but due to most likely not being able to use MetaMask we are considering an ingame wallet. You would then be able to paste your ingame wallet address as “receiver” for staking, your staking rewards would then directly be sent to the game (or a friend, if you want to stake for someone else).

Here’s a peek in what the Harmons look like in-game. All the main NFT images and icons will be 2D, but the game models are 3D. This also means that the same models will be able to be re-used for small eventual minigames.



I love the idea of this project along with the devs and the community, it will bring many new users to harmony ONE!


Thank you for the response, looking forward to this


Great project! I can see the potential in this one, especially if it grows with harmony.


Amazing Project, looks like it has loads of potential


Isn’t the artist on this pretty dang famous?


We’ve got multiple artists! Splat is the man behind most of the Harmons, but I suppose you’re talking about Sloppypencil!

Yes he is the animations supervisor for Rick and Morty. He’s working on the legendary variants (the fourth of a set) and currently head first in stylizing the citizens of Freyala!


Freyala seems to be a perfect match to Harmony’s ecosystem! I know Freyala has partnered with Defi Kingdoms, but can Freyala potentially be able to interact and cross over to other game DEXs outside harmony blockchain (considering harmony being the bridge to all chains)?

Also is there a guild and team fight system in the works? I would love to have my friends battle it out alongside me.


First of all- good luck with your proposal.
Secondly- is the technical alpha demo still on track for a September release, as per the website roadmap? If not, when can we expect to see the actual game part of the project in action?


I think the funding for this should be approved. Big projects like this are what bring people to the DEFI space. IMO this can be more than a project on harmony, it can be THE project on harmony which brings exposure to harmony.


Awesome project! Is the art direction finalised?

Watching the pace at which this project is moving is astonishing, hope the Harmony team takes note of this!


First demo of the game end of the month, right after plots! Do remember that this is a very early alpha demo trailer. I’d say it’s at 15-20% development and 10% art. 12 Harmons will be fully 3D modelled, rigged and animated and the base mechanics of the game realized!

We’re working on an announcement for later this week. About what’s next and a couple things are changing internally. I will be doing weekly developer updates from next week on, monthly game demo trailers and we will be looking for external developers and artists.


This is indeed something we would love to realize! I have also had a theory of auto-play guildfights as well. A multisig wallet that holds the NFTs, placement and fights for these would be automatic - but you would be able to set a set amount of Harmons “available” for guild fights and then battle other guilds via the multisig wallet. Multiple users would have to “agree” to the fight for it to happen.

The art direction is defined. The NFT “main” token images and icons will be 2D vectored, as a picture of your caught Harmon. But the main game will be 3D modelled entirely.


The 2D Harmons are super cute! But the 3D models look a bit creepy AF right now not gonna lie :sweat_smile:

Just my personal opinion, not sure if others feel the same.


Great project really looking foward to plot release and more details on what we can do with cryptopigs!


Face animations will help with this a lot! It’s because the faces are static at the moment :slight_smile:


These guys ROCK!

So far the roadmap is on target, schedules are being met, and quality is awesome.

Freyala is a key part of the Harmony ecosystem, and their success will help build the success of the entire chain.

Tail and Freya (with the entire team) are strong leaders, building an unsurpassed community I am proud to call “home” in crypto.

The proposal is rock solid, the project is already very successful, and this investment would help push to the next level.

Short money. Long success. Do it! (Please)


Looking forward to the gaming parting~! Please grant fund to this project!