Issue with multisig wallet, can't execute cancellation transaction

@Sam @lij
Hi Sam! There is an issue happening with Beta DAO’s multisig wallet that can’t cancel an outgoing transfer. When canceling an outgoing transfer, it created a new transaction to cancel the previous transaction. The cancellation transition gets 5/9 signatures but can’t be executed. The message says “Awaiting execution: There are older transactions that need to be executed first.” But this transaction should be executed to cancel the previous transaction.
It’s basically the same issue with this one: Not able to exectue cancellation transactions · Issue #410 · gnosis/safe-react · GitHub
And here is the screenshot of our wallet:

If you are using Metamask, you can try to activate the manual nonce option and then prioritize the cancel transaction by subtracting from the given nonce the number of transactions you have pending :thinking:

No, this is the gnosis safe multisig wallet