Multisig help

Please provide help with resolving transactions that can’t be executed on the Harmony Multisig.


What’s going on with the multisig?

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We have 2 transactions we cant execute. It’s been almost 1 month now. What happened was both of them got reverted as the 2 people that initiated in the 1st places didn’t talk to the community before hand. It’s the harmonauts multisig BTW. feel free to reach out in that discord or here with any advice. We began reaching out in the protofire discord about 2 days ago, butt no solutions yet. Thanks in advance for any assistance :blush: :blue_heart:

We talked about removing deprecated assets from the multisig, we didn’t thought some other people would want to keep it. Please don’t say “2 people didn’t talk to the community”. Anyway, that’s not the place to discuss that event, but I confirm we are stuck with the multisig, any option dosn’t work.

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Be careful. Ive only had a response from an AI bot in here. It’s a scammer. And have reported it to Theo :blue_heart: