Issues using devNet and wallet

There are few issues testing out the devNet explorer and with the wallet.

  1. The account created by wallet which didn’t use the getFreeToken would not be presented in explorer.
    In browser’s console, we got a Error code 500.
    We have to make a token transfer(transaction first) then we can go query the address.
  2. Used the balances to refresh wallet’s balances, however the explorer doesn’t show the correct amount.

And question for token transfer, --ShardID indicates that which shardID that the sender use to transfer. Is it the ShardID that receiver will receive the token? Or is it possible to send token from one shard id to a different one? like --fromShardID=0 --toShardID=1


Hi, ghostcorn:

Thanks for the feedback.

  1. The account created in local wallet is just a private key. If the account doesn’t have any balances, it won’t have any trace in the actual blockchain, thus no record in the explorer.

  2. We will take a look at this issue. We are actively improving our explorer

  3. For now, we only support intra-shard transaction, the --shardID really means the single shard you want the transaction to happen. (or shardID == fromShardID == toShardID). We are working on adding the cross-shard transaction support.

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I also had several questions about the current devnet and beyond.

  1. Currently the functions are fairly limited, will there be additional support and commands in the short term?
  2. Is there a way to implement a function that calls for a) nodes currently operating on network, b) hash data, c) uptime %, d) total registered accounts on network, and any other functions people find useful?
  3. Has your team decided what an official testnet will look like? If not, when is that planned to happen?
  4. Will we be able to run test nodes for testnet? What about for this devnet?

Other than this, I’m curious to know what your team is benchmarking and trying to get out of the Devnet. Are there enough active participants to qualify it as beneficial to your team’s research?

Sorry for all the questions! Thank you for your time,

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Hi rongjian.
Thanks for replying. I will keep testing the devnet and wait for the latest open-source program from Harmony.

Thank you

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Hi, Satoshi:

  1. In the short term, we will add support for cross-shard transaction by end of Jan. We will also support smart contract deployment once we have our JS SDK ready.

  2. These data won’t be externally callable in the short term. But we will improve our dashboard and explorer to include more data points that’s interesting, such as total num of accounts.

  3. We plan to issue testnet by the end of Q1 2019, the scope of testnet will be full implementation of the core protocol, including sharding/resharding, consensus, smart contract, cross-shard tx etc.

  4. In the second version of testnet, we plan to allow external validators to join the network and earn testnet tokens. This will happen around mid Q2.

  5. The devnet serves mainly two purposes: 1) having a long-running network that serves testing purpose for our own development. 2) allowing external users to try out some of features and report bugs if any.

Thanks for the questions! We appreciate your passion for Harmony!



Hey rongjian,

Thank you for the clear responses. Many of my questions come from wanting to actually operate a node as I am really into the project. However, it appears that user-facing node tests will occur closer to May 2019. Is there anything else the community can get their hands on and play with until Testnet v2 is operational?



HI Satoshi! Thanks for letting us know that you’re interested to run nodes for Harmony.

In fact, very soon we’ll be launching an earl-bird node sign up program - so stay tuned for updates. The node tests will begin much earlier than May 2019.

I also encourage you to take our community-survey so that we know exactly how to engage you. It takes less than 60 seconds:



Very interested in the early-bird signup once it launches. And yes, depending on initial staking requirements I would be open to running multiple nodes.

I’ll definitely take a look at the survey and fill it out.