Iweus - Project Y

Name of Project


Proposal overview

Our platform unites us all by what we all have to share. We all hold so much information and value. Enormous companies exist just to get the information from us and sell it. A change is needed.

Iweus will empower the people to manage the information they have to create a more organized life. People will be able to share information. Resulting in having others help along the way.

Iweus will initial focus will be on real estate. Owners and renters will use the platform for both residential and commercial properties. People and businesses will be able to find properties and post information, including images and pdfs, about it. Depending on the posted information, the information will be placed in a specific category for easier sorting by the end-user.

Real Estate agents, mortgage companies, title companies, property managers, home inspectors, appraisers, cleaners, inspectors, heating and air conditioning, electricians, plumbers, builders, contractors, and any other related business will be using the platform with their own category of “maintenance and repair”. Everyone will have a shared point of contact (the property address) to get information or share something about the property. The post will have an effective date to allow posting information about past events. Plus, certain local authorities and governments can post details as well. This will have an enormous impact on countries where information and the ability to share information are restricted or scarce.

The information will be verifiable as unaltered by the blockchain.

All the businesses will have a profile page with contact information and external links. Businesses will no longer lose past customers because they can’t find them or lost the business’ contact information.

NFTs will be expanded on this platform. They will no longer be limited to just an image in a marketplace but will be used as a utility with a function.

Any future without DAOs on a platform would be leaving a platform short of its potential. We plan to incorporate DAOs to allow people and organizations to bring as much value to the platform and the people using the DAO.

Iweus has over 228 million geocoded addresses from around the world ready to go. Although, our primary focus will be on the US at the first launch. We will be ready for Brazil, Mexico, South Africa, Spain, and France at launch.

We are looking to launch Q3 with an MVP. We will be starting all the social media and communities in Q2.

Proposal ask

$10k - Funded by @Boris_Polania & @DevinMarty

Metrics for success

The initial focus will be real estate agents as they will clearly see this as a value proposition. Market penetration will be based on regions and the price point of the community for the agent. Agents are also influencers in their industry with other service providers. Additionally, Iweus will focus on multiple parties posting to the property as an indicator of success.

External links

Coming Q2

Multisig Wallet (updated) - 0xD060cD4D7ff8f91fA4326329Fd018A8E377d99bd

Checking in with the community. I was hoping to get some feedback and thoughts.

Checking in on the status.

$10k - Awarded by @Boris_Polania & @DevinMarty
Vancouver, WA ETHPDX
Status: Not funded