Kenny White - Cowri chief economist



I’m Kenny and I am the founder and chief economist of Cowri.

Our name, Cowri, was inspired by the cowry shell. This humble shell was the earliest known form of money in human history. Civilizations from around the ancient world, from Africa, to the Middle East to Asia all used cowry shells as currency. Indeed, the Chinese character for money, “贝”, was originally a pictogram of a cowry shell. We chose our name to remind ourselves that although the shape of money changes over time, the importance of money is eternal.

Stablecoins are becoming the de facto currency of choice for public blockchains. Anytime someone wants to pay someone else on a blockchain, stablecoins will be used. However, dealing with multiple stablecoins will be too complicated for users. And using a single stablecoin overly centralizes the network. Cowri is a protocol built on top of stablecoins that addresses this problem. With Cowri, users can transact with each other via many different stablecoins as if they were using only one currency.



Hi @kwhite!

Glad to have you here on the forum. We need more economists like to help us think about the non-technical aspects of our protocol such as crypto-economics.

In blockchain, technical knowledge on its own it not enough. It must be combined with ways the reason about how they can be used within an economic perspective. In the end, it’s the combination of both that is most effective!

The first stablecoin post was fantastic and the exact kind of dialogue we need to have. I hope you can open up more discussions like that!


@nickw - thanks! Eager to lend my perspective and learn from the Harmony team as well.