Validator DAO Council Q1 2022 Candidate: Kenny

“Staking the Future” Proof of Stake is essential in disrupting the dependence on POW environmentally destructive chains. It also levels the playing field, allowing the average family a savings rate capable of securing their financial future.

POS creates opportunities for hard working dedicated entrepreneurs to setup and run validator nodes, decentralizing and securing the next generations future. I would like to help them succeed.

My name is Kenny Betz(LinkedIn) and I am running for a governorship in the Validator DAO Elections. I have been active in blockchain since I bought my first ETH for $16. Since then I have only invested in ONE other and that would be Harmony.(I only invest in what I use)

I am grateful to be the recipient of a Harmony Launch Grant and have dedicated my full time efforts to hitting the milestones. I sold my business not to long ago and in my free time I enjoy taking classes in Economics and Math most recently at LSU and Rutgers in preparation for my masters degree, which is currently on a “Pandemic Pause”.

I look forward to sharing with the community over the next few days, welcome questions and feedback at anytime, and invite everyone to attend the AMA on the Validator DAO Twitter Channel on Saturday 9am PST.

The Harmony community has given me so much support and I would be honored to give back by dedicating my time and resources to serve as a governor in the Validator DAO.

Thank you all!



Great to see your candidacy!

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Nice project there, make me wonder, what else can be done with the ‘out of the box’ thinking, in the VDAO!


Great to see you apply! I’m not familiar with your validator. Which one is it?


I will only be on the testnet with my Raspberry Pi. I am a big supporter of the bootstrap initiative and if elected won’t participate until my term ends. I’ll be in the testnet grind with other new validators and can help them out while collecting feedback.


Awesome bud! Good to see another member applying to help out! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


The bootstrap initiative is designed to be random at first and then fair via a FIFO route. So if you are on the vdao, you will not have the power to influence this decision. You will be just as eligible as anyone!

Good luck

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Summary of AMA Twitter: Full audio available below.

VDAO Mandates:
Decentralization: Support bootstrap program and updates to protocol that allow for reduced barriers to entry for new validators everywhere.

Security: Research best practices and publish to community. Create transparency for delegators to showcase validators security practices allowing a competitive edge in attracting investment.

Participation: Continue gathering feedback from validators through quarterly surveys aligned with elections to increase participation and drive governor agenda to support validators.

Looking forward too contributing to VDAO3 by:
Staking derivates will fundamentally change how the staking system currently operates. I will insure that validators can still have direct backing by delegators while offering their investors liquidity. Helping VDAO be first to market with noncustodial smart contract staking services and creating best practices for others to provide similar services will be my biggest focus to insure we are able to continue our mission inline with Harmonys vision. This also could provide the revenue source to continue not only VDAOs mission towards self sufficiency but also fund other DAO and initiatives important to our community.

DAOs informally built the internet through collaboration and consensus by volunteers around the world without payment or recognition. These informal DAOs paved the way to create incentivized DAOs to help drive the will of the community formed around them. As an early adopter I believe the most important thing about participating in the DAO is to show how instrumental they are in coordinating large groups to consensus and that the costs associated with running them are justifiable and beneficial. I hope to be a piece of the puzzle that helps VDAO become a self sufficient immutable structure in the Harmony Community.

Thank you for all the support so far and look forward to helping the Harmony community build something amazing.

Twitter AMA recording link

It’s time! Go Vote at Gov.Harmony.ONE to elect the new Validator DAO Governors. Good luck to everyone running, couldn’t have asked for a better group of candidates!

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With only hours to go, I have decided, with deep regret to my 8 supporters, to concede the election. The numbers and engagement in the voting process has been excellent across the validator community. 77 Votes representing close to half elected and one third of all eligible validators is an amazing achievement and I only see it improving from here.

The election itself was a win drawing 12 active and participating candidates. To my fellow running mates @brotherOne @realcoinchowder @CryptoTech @HankTheCrank @HoundOne_Validator @Maffaz @PeaceLoveHarmony @QuickOne_Validator @ben2k_Stakeridoo @StrongMindsHold and ValidatorONE I wish you the best of luck in the rest of the election. Any combination of these 11 would make a great VDAO and look forward to working with all of you in the future on making Harmony a success.

Thanks to everyone that participated and helped facilitate the election. If you are a validator that hasn’t voted yet

Also if you are interested in running for a DAO, just do it. You will probably be running against giants in their respective communities like I was, but don’t let it deter you. If you haven’t been involved and actively participating for an extended period you have little chance, but running in an election is a great first step to better understand the role, begin building trust and gain the knowledge you need to succeed. Plus it’s a lot of fun and you get to meet some great people.

Thank you all,



Thanks for your participation, I was really looking forward to have a less biased point of view. Would be a great addition to our VDAO, perhaps on next election? :blue_heart:


Thank you for throwing your hat in, I’m sure you would have been been able to add a tonne of value. I do hope you won’t be discouraged from running again! Hope to see you again Kenny


I hope to see you running again some time!.. Your insertion into the community has been really positive so far.


Hey Kenny

Mad respect. One for running and two I heard so many great things about you. The validator isn’t closed off as a community. I invite you to talk in Telegram: Contact @ValidatorsInc. It is for all the new guys and lots of time we just talk about Harmony. Many of the elected governors are new to the validator community.

I hope you run next election again and give the validator community a chance to know you.