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Name of Project

nobank wallet

Application Type

Product Launch

nobank Background & Status

nobank offers a non-custodial, smart wallet with advanced security & social recovery. We are the easiest, cheapest and fastest access to Decentralized Finance on Harmony.

As we just posted an announcement, all the background information can be found there:

Proposal Overview

At nobank, we are approaching our BETA, which is targeted to be ready by end of May 2022. So far, we have built momentum for our BETA waitlist through our friends & family and media coverage in our home market - Switzerland. All of which are non-Harmony people that are interested either in us or our product. While we will continue to build up interest for this group of people, we would also like to engage much more actively with the bigger, international Harmony community - to bring users to nobank.
For this, we would ask for a co-marketing partnership with Harmony - starting today / upon approval of the proposal and lasting until the end of 2022.

The co-marketing partnership will be accompanied by nobank’s other, diversified marketing efforts through media, events, social as well as paid channels.

We believe that this proposal is a big win for Harmony as well, as every user of nobank will increase:

  • TVL on Harmony
  • Transactions on Harmony
  • Wallets on Harmony

We do acknowledge that Harmony has its own wallet initiative through 1Wallet. But we think that this is not a “winner takes it all” kind of market and that there already is and will be room for multiple, great options on Harmony!

Proposal ask

$0 USD, but a co-marketing partnership with Harmony

Metrics for success

Harmony Input:

  • Co-marketing on social media
  • Coverage of nobank in all relevant Harmony ecosystem pages
  • If possible: Access to selected Harmony events

nobank 2022 (conservative) output targets:

  • nobank TVL on Harmony >$5’000’000 USD
  • more than 3’000 nobank wallets on Harmony

External links

Join our BETA waitlist

Follow us on Twitter:

Follow us on Discord: nobank


@dpagan-harmony : As discussed over Telegram - here we go!

Also: Further proof points are available on request:

  • Access to our ALPHA
  • Full BETA design current status
  • Status of current waitlist & actual list
  • Legal papers of company incorporation & past funding round (if required)

Great project :clap:. Excited for the BETA launch. :tada:


Thank you for submitting a proposal to Harmony’s $300M Ecosystem Fund. We are in the process of reviewing your proposal and will assign a representative on behalf of the Grants Ops team.

We would also love :blue_heart: to have the Harmony community participate to ask questions and provide feedbacks.

Assigned to @essalacher. You’re looking for marketing and event sponsorships? @nobankmario

If you have more details to add, please do so by replying to this thread.

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Thanks a lot for the response, very exciting! @essalacher : Let me know if you need anything from me! Happy to also jump into a call or give you a demo!

We are looking for a marketing partnership - concretely we would like to also be marketed by Harmony such as other, bigger projects. We believe that we have a product which is beneficial to the entire Harmony community and that can also show quality and stability!
…and as we are coming out of the August Hackathon, we are actually a prime example of how Harmony can grow the ecosystem with projects that build on it.

Hi @essalacher

I saw that you moved our launches proposal to events :slight_smile: Just wondering, our request is clear, right?

Harmony Input:

  • Co-marketing on social media for nobank
  • Coverage of nobank in all relevant Harmony ecosystem pages
  • If possible: Access to selected Harmony events

nobank 2022 (conservative) output targets:

  • nobank TVL on Harmony >$5’000’000 USD
  • more than 3’000 nobank wallets on Harmony

Hi @nobankmario - looking forward to hearing more plans for nobank wallet. What additional features do you plan to have on your roadmap?

Hi @cheualx - thanks for the interest! Did you already take a look at our BETA announcement post?

We do have more on the roadmap for 2022 - mainly on building more financial products (e.g. non-custodial index funds!) , enabling wallet connect and more on NFTs.

any update on this request, @essalacher ?

I am currently reviewing and will get back to you asap. @nobankmario


I appreciate that they asked for $0. It’s an interesting concept. Co-marketing as a proposal should definitely have its own category.

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Just saw that our proposals was now moved to partners - which I like as well :slight_smile:

@cheualx : I also just posted a BETA update in the announcement section. We started onboarding BETA users today.

Here is the post:

and to add to that, @cheualx : I can give you access to BETA so that you can actually take a look!

Quick question to Harmony: Any Update on our request? As this is a non-financial request, it should not fall under the current funding stop :slight_smile:

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Dear Harmony team,

I wanted to follow up on our question / proposal here for the co-marketing.
@dpagan-harmony : I understand that you and your part of the team are pushing co-marketing (while others keep working on the exploit). I would love to get a response on our proposal above and understand where you stand on this. For us, this is still a hot topic as we continue building on Harmony.

Thanks and all the best,


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