Nobank wallet BETA is coming!

We are very happy to announce, that we will launch our BETA end of May!

The nobank team participated in the August 2021 Harmony Hackathon and built on top of the provided smart wallet code. We were among the winning teams (see Twitter post from Harmony) and received ~$40’000 USD in prices.
From there on, our journey never stopped and we kept building both our product as well as our start up company. In February of this year, we received a follow-on grant of ~$40’000 USD.

In March, we were able to secure our Pre-Seed funding round of $1’100’000 USD. We are a team of 6, working full time. @nobankmario, @andras_nobank, Kristina, Steffi & Raphael are based in Zurich, Switzerland, Oleh is based in Lviv, Ukraine.

nobank offers a non-custodial, smart wallet with advanced security & social recovery. We give the most simple, cheap and fast access to defi by leveraging the Harmony blockchain. nobank makes defi more accessible by providing a truly simple & intuitive product that everyone can use (even your mum & dad).
Let’s break it down a bit! nobank offers:

  • A smart wallet, non-custodial and on-chain (technical basis, allowing us to hide complexity)
  • A safe-guarded platform with pre-connected dapps & partners (e.g. preventing you from transacting with a rugged exchange)
  • Delivered as a mobile app and web app, multi-device enabled through a wallet key pass
  • Advanced security to simplify access for non-technical people: Face ID, password, 2FA & Trustees for recovery
  • Buy crypto with various payment options (provided by, offering Google / Apply pay, credit card, bank transfer, etc)
  • Invest into great financial products that make sense and lower the entry barrier (diversify the portfolio or earn yield, benefit from defi)
  • Invest into, participate & hold NFTs
  • Send & receive crypto, set up & validate friends and transact safely on the blockchain with them
  • Learn about blockchain & crypto in plain English within the app

At nobank, we believe that wallets can only be adopted by a lot of people if they are as simple as traditional apps! Wallets are the entry & interaction point to web 3 and are the digital identity of the user – everything personal should be stored in the wallet, decentralized and with a privacy focus on the blockchain. As nobank, we want to drive this adoption and build a product that makes it happen.

Our closed-circle ALPHA is live on Harmony mainnet and being tested with friends & family. Our BETA will include the following features:

  • Smart wallet with social & 2FA recovery - multi device and on both a mobile app and a web app (already live)
  • FIAT bridge via - and we don’t charge extra fees! (already live)
  • Connection to both viperswap & defikingdoms, with a logic to execute with the best price (already live)
  • Send & receive HRC20, HRC1155 & HRC 721 tokens (already live)
  • Set up friends to transact safely (in development)
  • Delegate ONE to chosen Harmony validators for staking (live on testnet)
  • Detailed description & information of all assets & products (in development)
  • Transaction history (in development)

As our BETA is coming closer, we opened a waitlist for everyone who is interested! We are happy for any support from the Harmony community - join the waitlist and follow us on social channels if you are interested!

Our homepage:

Join our BETA waitlist

Follow us on

Follow us on Login β€’ Instagram

Join us on discord: nobank

… and discuss with us here if you have any questions, remarks or ideas! We will keep you posted!


so excited looking forward to using the wallet :smile:


So excited about this!!

Thanks a lot @MaxMustermann2 & @Sev-CaptainsLounge for your help with the validator staking integration!!


@Jacksteroo: In November you asked us how we can accelerate? The initial hackathon & grant funding from harmony helped us to reach our initial seed funding round! We are very thankful for this!!


Awesome to see this BUILDer, an awesome example for a start out of a Hackathon :blue_heart: looking forward for public launch and an IRL meet up :switzerland:


We will get started beginning of June!

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Can’t wait to try it guys. Thank you for your work

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