We are still building | An update from the nobank wallet BETA

:tada: We are still building! :tada:

Here is our update on the latest developments of the nobank wallet!

As you may know, nobank started BETA testing beginning of June. Since then we have onboarded many people from our BETA waitlist and have gathered valuable feedback to continue building our product - the nobank wallet.

:bento: What are the features in BETA as of now?

  • Smart wallet with Google Auth recovery - multi device and on both a mobile app and a web app
  • FIAT bridge via ramp.network - and we don’t charge extra fees!
  • Integration of DeFi Kingdoms, Sushiswap, Defira, Elk, Viper Swap and :new: Fox Swap for trade execution with the best price
  • :new: Integration of in-app staking to validators
  • :new: Set up friends to transact safely**
  • :new: Promote friends to guardians for social recovery - your family & friends have your back!
  • Send & receive supported tokens
  • Find information and details about all supported assets
  • Transaction history
    … and did we mention that we added individualized avatars as profile pictures? :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

:hourglass: What is next?
We continue developing our product while aiming to go into a public BETA soon. Our focus for the next months is:

  • Bring NFTs to nobank, so that we can display them in your portfolio and send & receive them smoothly!
  • Launch our Harmony crypto index product
  • Enable wallet connect to use all dapps in the Harmony ecosystem that support it!
  • Enable multiple authenticator apps to support recovery
    …and much more

:confetti_ball: You would like to support us or partner with us? Join our social channels and start discussing, bringing up ideas and much more!

Our homepage: https://nobank.one
Follow us on https://twitter.com/nobankfinance
Follow us on Login β€’ Instagram
Join us on discord: nobank

Let us know what you think and discuss with us :arrow_down:

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