Launches: All For One (by Useless Crypto) - Next gen trading platform

Name of Project

Useless Crypto

Proposal overview

Useless Crypto, LLC is a blockchain start-up reinventing what accessibility, convenience and security mean in cryptocurrency investing. Currently, 80% of the US cryptocurrency trading volume is concentrated on two CEXs, which collectively offer fewer than 300 cryptocurrencies out of an estimated 20,000 available. Moreover, today the choice of an average cryptocurrency investor is confined to a mere 5% of the tradable cryptocurrency market. Meanwhile, the remaining 95% has been undeservingly overlooked by most due to its lack of infrastructure, high barriers to entry and inadequate security – all of which have been significantly detrimental to the introduction and wider acceptance of cryptocurrency as an investment asset by the retail and experienced/professional traders alike.

This state of the market is unacceptable and destined to change. We see this as a massive market gap that has flourished due to the monopolized nature of the cryptocurrency exchange industry. Our flagship product – All For One is our solution to this problem. All For One will give traders access to thousands of cryptocurrencies in one place without the need to switch between exchanges, some of which are unnecessarily complicated, lack transparency and have inadequate security. We are able to achieve this by utilizing our proprietary Decentralized Exchange Network (DEN), enabling fast and seamless trading of cryptocurrencies listed on any DEX. If you can trade it, All For One has it. (more on All For One can be found below).

Our mission statement

We envision a market where a person of any age, background and experience, be it a retail trader or an institutional investor, has the ability to effortlessly and securely invest into one of the fastest growing asset classes in history. Therefore, our objective is two-fold:

  • Breaking down the barrier to entry of cryptocurrency investing for millions of people who have been overwhelmed and ultimately put off trading by the convoluted excess of services and products.
  • Opening the gates to the entire world of cryptocurrencies, rather than a small subset pre-selected on ambiguous and oftentimes biased criteria, giving investors an unparalleled number of investment opportunities and an unmatched diversity of choice.

Our products

All For One is a crypto-trading app providing its users access to an unparalleled number of cryptocurrencies regardless of their chain, supported by a variety of features, infrastructure and security necessary for a new, as well as experienced investor. These include an integrated multi-chain cryptocurrency wallet protected by our proprietary security features, wallet tracking, fiat currency on-ramping, intuitive charting and analysis tools, along with other quality of life features focused on facilitating and simplifying discovery and trade execution. This infrastructure is built around our proprietary Decentralized Exchange Network (DEN), enabling fast and seamless trading of cryptocurrencies listed on any DEX. We plan on monetizing All For One by charging transactional fees variable upon the user’s monthly volume, selling premium listing features for available cryptocurrencies, and eventually converting the app to a freemium model.

The Useless token ($USE) is utilized within our in-app ranking system called Eclipse. Each cryptocurrency or token listed will be automatically provided with a unique contract, which can be topped up by anyone using Useless tokens. The balance within that contract, which decays overtime, determines the cryptocurrency’s global Eclipse ranking. To further develop utility of the Useless token, we have decided to migrate to the Harmony platform to implement your best practises of high speed and security, cross-chain operations and horizontal scalability. This move was widely supported by our community of 15,000 holders.

App interface examples



David Wyly – CEO
Responsible for developing strategic objectives and outlining the company’s general direction. David played an essential role in assembling the leadership team and remains a key member of the development team. He is an inspiring leader always putting the success of our team and community above all else.

  • Experience – 15 years in Software Engineering and Management*

Lance Badger – CTO
Directs our software development team covering web development, infrastructure and QA. Lance recognizes the crucial role decentralized networks will play in the future and is focused on pushing this innovation further.

  • Experience – 15 years as a DevOps Engineer and Systems Architect*

Amir Arafat – Chief App Architect
Responsible for development of the All For One app as well as its integration with our innovative blockchain contracts. Amir’s vast experience and skillset makes him an indispensable member of our team.

  • Experience – 12 years of UI Engineering in mobile app Architecture and Development*

Jackie Dutton – CMO
Oversees development and execution of marketing campaigns for both All For One and the Useless token. Jackie’s sense of humour and positivity, combined with her talents in marketing have helped us gain thousands of beta-testers and community members.

  • Experience – 6 years in Marketing and Stand-up*

Joseph Andrews – Chief Product Officer
Manages the project pipeline from assisting in planning to evaluating projects’ performance, overseeing successful execution at each stage. His perfectionism and knack for identifying the root of the problem are invaluable assets to our project.

  • Experience – 7 years in Software Engineering and Product Management*

ADC – Chief Token Officer
In charge of implementing and directing Useless token’s strategic objectives ensuring their alignment with the goals of All For One. From the start ADC has been the backbone of our company ensuring we maintain our direction and cohesiveness to achieve our targets.

  • Experience – 3 years in Software Engineering, 6 years in International Law and Law Enforcement*

Jelly – Head of Business Development
Responsible for identifying and pursuing promising business opportunities, as well as means of improving our product portfolio. He has played a key role in developing the vision for All For One, and establishing Useless tokens’s presence in the market.

  • Experience – 5 years in Finance and Macroeconomic Research*


  1. Week 1 – optimizing and completing launch of Useless token on mainnet, meanwhile ramping up marketing efforts

  2. Week 2 – Giving out app beta access to the Harmony community to test, receive feedback

  3. Week 2-4 – forming a DAO

First 2 months:

  • Optimizing the app based on feedback received from the Harmony community
  • Acquiring 15k users

Third month:

  • Finalizing the full feature set and soft-launching All For One
  • Acquiring 50k users

Proposal ask


We are requesting $50k in equity-free contribution

  1. $10k after launching the wallet feature of All For One on testnet
  2. $10k after mainnet launch
  3. $10k after forming a DAO
  4. $10k after 1k users
  5. $10k after 10k users

Metrics for success

50k new users with 15k total active users in first 2 months after launch
$7.5m in transaction volume in first 2 months after launch

External links

Website: Useless Crypto
Discord: Useless


What are the security related defenses for this? I think metamask has a lot. What do you offer?

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Hello @GeorgeofEmmaInterest I am the lead Developer of the All For One app. The App leverages OS specific level of encryption and Security.

For iOS we are using the keychain service to encrypt and store sensitive information like Private Keys. It can only be accessed by using biometrics or your backup phone PIN.

On Android any sensitive information is stored in SharedPreferences, encrypted with Android’s Keystore system. It also can only be accessed by using biometrics or your backup phone PIN.

This is the standard way of storing sensitive data and is the same way other apps have it implemented as well like MM. We Take security very seriously and will always ensure we are using the latest methods and technology available to us.

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Thanks a lot for the info.

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Thanks for your proposal, it has been assigned to @dpagan-harmony, who will review and respond shortly :blue_heart:


Thank you for the update! Please let us know if there is anything at all we can do to facilitate the process

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this has been reassigned to @Jacksteroo

Really excited about what this app is capable of down the line! There is now a buy and sell button for all harmony tokens on the supported DEXs.

Please give this project another look through, is definitely a diamond in the rough. Please and thank you :heart: