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Although the current year is 2021, there are still doubts over the perfection of blockchain. I think the way to break these doubts is to meet people’s; needs in normal life through chain; DAPA will be a social enterprise product, putting the purpose of profit in the background, and thus, it will solve a problem in social life; while this issue is resolved, we will exchange money with the token we will have on harmonychain; I certainly don’t want to be misunderstood, this is not a marketing project, it’s far beyond. My project is still at the idea stage, the requirements analysis part is over, I need to get investment to start my project, thanks to this fund, I will build my team and I aim to bring the idea to life and solve a social problem, while making the blockchain ecosystem as common as bread and water within the application.

DAPA is not included in a blockchain network as it is still in the idea stage.

If we divide the target audience of DAPA immediately after the release and into 4 monthly periods, I can say that my target audience (according to my research and statista data) appeals to at least 250 million users, even if I take a quarter of a quarter of this audience, I can say that it is active from 31 million. I predict that there will be more users; and the increase will continue after the target is reached.

About my needs: Project manager, mobile software developer, database management specialist and blockchain developer.

Proposal ask

At least 100 thousand dollars is a sufficient budget for me to implement DAPA without any problems and without degrading its quality.

Metrics for success

DAPA will switch to the alpha version 6 months after the required amount of funds is received and will assume the market share alone as there is no example in the current world. Since it is a project that will exit the global market and my target audience is constantly renewing itself, it will always maintain its vitality with the effect of constant blood exchange – refreshment.

I predict that at least 3 out of 5 users in the system will regularly use the token in the chain network.

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For “More info needed”, please Reply to ask your question

as this project is currently in idea stage, it should apply under “launches”

500 Launches ($20M). Applications of each launch must have prototyped a feature-full product. Harmony helps incubate these founding teams with product development, fundraising, and talent recruit. We recommend a $50K equity-free contribution each: $10K after launching a feature-complete product on our testnet, $10K after mainnet launch, $10K after forming a DAO with its community, and $20K for after 10K users.

In order to advance my idea to a demo, I need to hire developers, and the demo is required in the launches section. Don’t you have any help for this, because in the 3rd option of the 2. I have a promising idea . option in the offer section, it is called “I need to recruit developers to build”.

@furkandao I understand where you’re coming from. You need developers.
You can be creative and try this out as a hackathon initiative first. Join our Discord discussion server and introduce your idea and find team members in the hackathon area to join you - Harmony Discord server

Also, see the ongoing Hackathon here -