Launches: NFT Game

@giv @frwrdslosh @lij

$10K after forming a DAO with 5-out-of-9 multisig with our DAOs

We’ve been heads down on getting things ready for the Mainnet launch and DEV DAO work, and completely forgot to request the next level of funding for the project.

We have previously setup our FishFight DAO Multisig: 0xdbcc0f24617131C33A3c1d06E6a86A458e0d32b0

And we have now setup fishfight DAO on the

Can we please receive this phase of funding?

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We’re rapidly approaching our Mainnet launch (end of march 2022) and the DAO structure has been operational for some time now, planning to bring some of our core data-points to a DAO vote in the coming weeks.

Is there any additional information we need to initiate the next phase or our Grant funding?

Thank you! @lij @giv @frwrdslosh

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Hello, my friend.

Please provide, here in this thread, a list of the 9 addresses and tag them (if they have an account on talk). Always good to know who the governors are within the realm of maintaining their anonymity if that’s what they prefer.

Hey @frwrdslosh !
Sorry for the delayed response! We’ve been swamped and it took a moment to actually think about your request, primarily, how EXACTLY do we want to run our DAO… :thinking:

Inspired by Harmony’s push for more community involvement, we have decided to setup a new multisig for the FishFight DAO…

FishFight is still our baby so we have a lot to explain…

There’s more to announce (Tomorrow?) but I’ve got a few more address to track down



No worries! Looking forward to more info :slight_smile:

I would like to clarify. . .

in this instance, in order to receive the $10K follow-on grant FishFight only needs set up the multisig. 5/9. As this is not a DAO Bootstrap Grant there is no need to stick to the criteria for the DAO bootstrap grant i.e. “The Mighty Six” and the MVD (Minimum Viable DAO).

Hope that clears things up :blue_heart:


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Thanks frwrdslosh! Good to know!

Still working out some things with our DAO(s) but we’ve published our white paper on our FishFight discord.

We will also be publishing it directly on our site but until then you can review it on Discord
FishFight discord

Hey @frwrdslosh !

Inspired by Harmony’s push for more community involvement, we have decided to setup a new multisig for the newly formed FishFight DAO.


We have also decided to simplify but expand the purpose and duty of the FishFight DAO.

In addition to currently overseeing the funds collected from minting $FISH on FishFight & directing these funds for the long term success of the game; including tournaments, community outreach, software development, art production and anything the FishFight Community requests.

They will now also control the funds generated intended for charitable donations to clean up the oceans of toxic plastics.

It was impractical to create a separate DAO for the Charitable donations to be overseen, for many reasons, which had been the original goal for the FishFight game.

To insure that these Charitable funds are used to deliver on the goals of the project, which is to clean up the non-digital oceans of plastics using the power of our digital oceans, and to make sure the project funds are managed safely until the game’s community can show up organically; TrustlessTeam will be securing 6 of 9 Wallets, detailed below.

This is just for a limited amount of time, while we build up the game further and work to build up a community that can come together around an age old tradition and a new aged problem.

Current schedule is to begin a governor election for the FishFight DAO during Q4 2022.

You can read more about it on our Public Design Document / White Paper

EddNorris ( @eddnorris , )

  • Co-founder at TrustlessTeam + FishFight
  • Game Development Lead
  • Art Production Lead
  1. 0x33C533D80F0490E24C01AFEf25C0a057c74AfD87
  2. 0x26ca577Ea3F6289403fa6738Ea03b5ffD2Bd9258
  3. 0xe032dBD0CF31259d2BbDEe7F94d3F0821Fa84db2

Isaac Schwab ( @schwab16 , )

  • Co-founder at TrustlessTeam + FishFight
  • Solidity Development Lead
  • Full-Stack Development Lead
  1. 0xFd9827c7d1B067C181fab88F28B824974Fbfd14B
  2. 0xf5c3164C451D4e78d53a445B83c8233F4858c69e
  3. 0xf4eD3d97a0024C58Eb98D8b37fb3AF13bDD6F327

Sev ( @Severin , )

  • Blockchain Developer
  • Long time Harmony Dev Dao Governor
  1. 0x0B17C102b8a8d9EA9e4EC9042857e7815Ca75C97

HazeyOneKenobi ( , )

  • Blockchain Developer
  • trusted collaborator on previous projects (
  1. 0x05fC8fBc35a4aA529dcDAFec67fdFbB5E296A65E

WoodErs100 (, )

  • Blockchain enthusiast / NFT Collector
  • Trusted community member on previous projects (
  • Current Moderator on FishFight discord
  1. ** 0xf393B37b0ad33A48cF7038fFf153c145eeCC6552** [edit, incorrectly listed]

Please let me know if there is anything else we need to provide in order to receive our next round of funding for our Launch Grant.


@frwrdslosh update!

Because this is for the launch Grant and intended for the development of FishFight, I have been reminded that the grant funding should actually be going to our developer Multisig.

I was just excited to share that we’ve formed our DAO for FishFight and setup it’s multisig!

The Signatures on the TrustlessTeam Multisig are actually the same as the one’s on the FishFight DAO Multisig, so I won’t need to re-list those (Myself, Isaac, Sev, Hazey and WoodErs100).

But the address we wish to use is as follows:

@lij @giv @Sam @frwrdslosh
We are also on Harmony Mainnet at

And we have reached out to Harmony $ONE Developer @redKanga to review our contracts.

We believe that because of the nature of our contracts being a Game intended for entertainment and seeing as they have been tested throughly,
and they perform as we document that they should.

Which is to say, they follow our rules.
The nature of a game where a user’s assets can be burned based on deliberate user choice, is definitely a somewhat difficult thing to say is “Safe” but we have taken special effort to make sure that we are being responsible with people’s assets.

We believe it seems reasonable that we should be considered for approval for the Mainnet launch portion of our grant as well.

Thank you!
@eddnorris & @schwab16 of

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Happy to have discovered this project. The team seem highly capable and receptive to community feedback - the manner in which they engage, discuss and communicate sets them apart from many other P2E options on Harmony - You actually feel like you’re talking with professional developers in their Discord.

Congratulations Edd! Keep up the good work!

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@frwrdslosh @lij @Jacksteroo @giv Any word on our grant funding?

We’ve been continuing to add gameplay and interactivity for FishFight!
Here’s a quick update, Check it out:

Non-Lethal Fighting Pools are currently under development,
and so is streamable tournament play which will be able to be hosted by strategic partners/Streamers…
more to be announced here in the coming weeks.

We’re also planning many strategic partnerships,
CerebralGamingDAO (via @clayford) (via @DreamerDFK ) (via @easynode )
Morsel Protocol (via @Baddric).
And in communication with many more!

We’re also starting a marketing campaign to celebrate 2000’s ERA Gaming nostalgia present in FishFight!

Thank you!
@eddnorris & @schwab16 of

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@frwrdslosh Is there anything else we should do to receive additional funding for this grant?

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Approved for the 5-out-of-9 multisig tranche as a part of the initial launch grant.



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funded: Harmony Blockchain Explorer


@giv @lij @frwrdslosh @Mattyontap

Can we receive this payment from our grant?

We’ve been audited (since before release by @redKanga ) and been on mainnet for months.

We’ve also been working very hard to continue to maintain support for our game and community while we’ve lost tens of thousands of dollars of our own capital from the harmony hack.

This grant payment would go a long way to helping us push through this difficult time.

Thank you


Payment of this part of the grant would indeed help this project, the Team and its community.

If they are due this money (and i believe they are) as they have fulfilled their part, kindly make arrangements or at least communicate with them.



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Thanks @eddnorris - @cheualx will follow up shortly.

Here is evidence of our current player numbers being 100+ …

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Here are a few video examples of gameplay:

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This game it’s been up and running seamlessly on harmony for months.
In fact it’s been probably one of the first actual playable games, not stuck in the minting phase like many others.

@eddnorris has been involved with the community more than ever during this hardship. If Fishfight wasn’t a legit project, they would have been gone weeks ago.

I don’t think it’s fair to leave them alone facing all the costs that any given project involves to be started. Especially when you have been throwing money into the toilet and flush it away funding all those stupid DAOs and other stuff we have all been whitnesses :triumph:
Fishfight didn’t have any IDO or any other form of bootstrap, only the NFT mints but at the current price this doesn’t pay even the pizzas.

I hope you @giv fix this and don’t make them beg for what is been promised and well deserved.
These 10K will not hurt harmony accountability and will be an oasis of fresh water in this dry and mercyless journey through the desert for Fishfight. It can really make the difference for them.

WAGMI ! :blue_heart: