LMA-Art-Gallery NFT Marketplace

Name of Project

website: https://lma-art-gallery.com

Application type

[Product Launch - V2]

Proposal 1 overview

LMA-Art-Gallery was the first Art NFT platform on Harmony Network launched in 2020.
Collectors can buy and sell art from the LMA artist. We feel that developing further the platform will bring special artists to Harmony, and more visibility for collectors.
Proposal is to develop further the current platform to embrace exclusive collections of digital fine art.
LMA-Art-Gallery succeed to implement the initial steps to turn the platform into a DAO in July (Snapshot). Governor elections will be announce.

DaVinci marketplace is used for “generic” artists and LMA-Art-Gallery will be used for artist page collection creation, artist brand label, dedicated page/ brand and not mixed with other artists (solving the current issue on NFT marketplaces.)

The Idea is to apply the daVinci sdk (ready) inside LMA-Art-Gallery, with a great UI.

Proposal 1

User steps:
1/ User can create individual galleries Inside LMA
2/ User can create a custom brand artist label (dedicated label page)
3/ User can choose from a set of templates for the pages
4/ User can upload art into that pages
5/ User can offer it to the world as an artist label marketplace (inside LMA domain)

Proposal 2

(under discussion with @Jacksteroo ) bear in mind that this will require LMA-Art-Gallery DAO vote:
User steps:
1/ User can create own galeries
2/ User can customized brand label
3/ User can choose from a set of templates
4/ User can upload art
5/ User offer it to the world as a marketplace (outside LMA domain, with customized artist domain)

:point_right: The LMA community have voted “yes” to upgrade the website proposal 1 here: Snapshot

Proposal 1 ask


1 - Fund Designer “Tamara” to upgrade the current front-end website, (Figma doc proposal) 30-40h total: $1200-1600

2 - Fund 2 developers (front-end:CY) full time 2 months (upgrade the Backend and Frontend according to the Designer Figma proposal and launch support/issues)
Rate hour: $45 (8hours x 5days = 40hours/week) ($7200 per month x 2Dev= $14400 per month) Total: ~$30K (CY is a JavaScript stack developer. Focusing on React, React Native, Expressjs with/out typescript. Having some basic experiences with web3, deploy contract with truffle.)

3 - Fund 3 community managers (telegram + discord + twitter) for relaunch support and support/issues
Rate hour: $10 (8hours x 5days = 40hours/week) ($1600 per month x 3 Community Managers= $4800 per month) Total: ~$10K

4 - Fund social virality, videos, youtubers, awareness, publicity : ~$8K

Grant total: $50K (better per phases after each milestone above accomplished)
(please bear in mind that collectors in LMA website have more than 1M ONEs ($160k) invested in LMA platform, which shows the commitment and future success)

Metrics for success

Sales: 10M ONE (10x)
Users: 15k
Sustainability: Treasure self sustainable/ stable income

Multisig LMA-art-gallery DAO account:


External links

:point_right: Website: https://lma-art-gallery.com
:point_right: Documentation: About LMA Art Cards (NFT´s) - LMA-Art-Gallery
:point_right: Check Robin´s explanation video here: The First NFT Gallery on Harmony - YouTube
:point_right:Join Telegram here: Telegram: Contact @lma_art_gallery
:point_right: Snapshot for LMA-art-gallery DAO governance: Snapshot

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@BRUNO thanks for the solid and clear proposal. Just a few more questions:

  • What is the timeline for this to be built out?
  • Do you have a way to target these specific artists or influencers to use LMA?
  • With the model of $10K on TestNet, $10K on MainNet, $10K with DAO formation, and $20K when you hit the 10M ONEs or 15K users (vs. 10K MAUs) will your team be fine with this?

Hi Jack, thank you for your feedback,
Timeline is:
-Figma design- 1 week
-Testnet+mainnet- 2 months (this could be improved)

The way we envision is to target the specific artists in discord/telegram/social channels, for example: Clean-NFTs and social virality, videos, youtubers, awareness, publicity.

Yes, we prefer to do it with the split model, I have added the initial bootstrap fund, to be sure that designer and Dev will get payed for the initial works until testnet.
-Initial $10K to bootstrap the project
-$10K on TestNet
-$10K on MainNet
-$10K with DAO formation
-$10K when we hit the 10M ONEs or 15K users (vs. 10K MAUs)

Approved for $50K under the Launch category.

We look forward to the first milestone of a TestNet launch that’s feature complete to include a user interface, connection to a Harmony wallet on TestNet, and can be used end-to-end by at least 100 test users.

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Hello Jack,
here is the current status:

Let´s us know if this is ok for the initial bootstrap fund, or if LMA team need to release the TestNet with everything done and gathering user feedback for mainnet launch?

Thank you

Hi @LMA-Art-Gallery , please release the TestNet with the feature-complete product in order to gather feedback from at least 100 users.

What are the guidelines for a Testnet Launch?

“Testnet Launch” means launching a feature-complete product on Harmony Testnet. We define feature complete to include a user interface, connection to a wallet (Metamask, Harmony ONE Chrome Extension, etc.) on Testnet, and can be tested end-to-end by at least 100 users.

In addition, here’s the Harmony Funding FAQ where that text is taken from.