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“address”: “0xe944d991d7Cd614083e0eD84cd8a500e289Be76F”,
“decimals”: 3,
“totalSupply”: “100000000000”,
“name”: “oneeur”,
“symbol”: “HEUR”,
“website”: “https://criptoinpocheparole.wixsite.com/heur”,
“description”: {
“en”: "1 The coin cannot be spent multiple times: if you have 10 HEURs and spend 10, the software will prevent the user from spending more.

2 The coin is not replicable: the software cannot be replicated, despite its open source nature, the smart contract prevents the
counterfeiting of the currency.

3 Not mintable: 100 billion (100,000,000,000) of HEUR Tokens were produced; no more can be created or destroyed; choice derived from the objective
not to inflate the value of the currency itself.

4 Money is accessible to everyone and no one can be banned from it.

5 The company that founded the coin can only trace the addresses that own the coin but not the identity of those who own it.

6 The Project
The oneeur project Token aims to become and represent the digital counterpart of the Euro (EUR); that is its stable-coin.
It was born on the Harmony (ONE) Block-Chain, through a decentralized smart contract.
It is planned to land on different Block-Chains and Smart-Chains

The project will develop in 4 sentences:

The “Genesis”
The birth of the coin itself: programming, structuring of strategies and functions, with the presale at the end of the phase.

II “Birth”
Listing of the asset on the main trackers, start of distribution through decentralized Exchanges (DEX), with an initial price of $ 0.0021.

III “Multiplication”
All the processes and measures that will bring the value of the Token up to its target of 1 EUR, through third-party investments, targeted speculations and partnerships alongside other projects, as well as advertising campaigns.

IV “Stabilization”
A series of actions and processes which, once the market capital necessary to guarantee sufficient stability has been reached, will guarantee a stable price corresponding to 1 EUR.

7 HEUR stands for Harmony Euro.

oneeur [HEUR] founder.",



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