Creator Community Collaborator (CCC)


Creator Community Collaborator (CCC)

DAO Platform

Submission Date:
March 22, 2022

Submitted by:
Andy Crosby

On behalf of himself and:

Blake Kuhre

Petrus Martens

Yorgos Papadopoulos

Jennifer Kruk

Zackary Schmidt

Cooper Mojo

Alyssa Jenkins

Zubin Vidor

Proposal overview


  • Twelve (12) developers

    • Three (3) in-house

    • Nine (9) Full-time Freelance Developers that have successfully created projects on an EVM compatible chain

  • $6,000 USD worth of One invested by our team into the pool to create future projects

  • Three (3) artists currently interested in joining the community with multiple outreach plans and processes in place to spread the word and increase participation upon funding




Name Account Number
1 Andy Crosby 0xE9cF68cdDB318e142fA40D60C4458425F78Ab18E
2 Blake Kuhre 0x0BbF707661Ec707cf3d0f78A053558da88Cb086c
3 Yorgos Papadopoulos 0x592A635C042101812A21A6707CC599381f6b84E9
4 Petrus Martens 0xce1dfc3F67B028Ed19a97974F8cD2bAF6fba1672
5 Zackary Schmidt 0x614167D3547054E902499996c1454DC894f727aC
6 Jennifer Kruk 0x9c0e66ca483409fF400B90Aa7178D1e0533D11E0
7 Cooper Mojo 0x42A41Cc02740b165f175bB11B74b15Db843D72F3
8 Alyssa Jenkins 0x6342ebD0df8c18917043727f44de35F6AD41b7B5
9 Zubin Vidor 0x890e9fA185585f2403B97B3FA38642c018fE2FAD


Governance will invite the initial developers and artists to apply to the platform.

A developer or artist that has been denied will be able to appeal their case to Governance.


Today’s digital creators deserve a more equitable system in order to be fairly represented, recognized and rewarded for their work. Even the best and brightest talents fall victim to subpar standards and representation via Web2, centralized, and/or legacy platforms. Our Co-Founders, along with their peers and colleagues, have firsthand knowledge of the inequitable practices that often make it prohibitive for creators to earn fair wages for their work. Our aim is to not only overcome this persistent and industry-wide challenge through a unique Web3 solution that restores creator confidence, fosters livelihoods, strengthens communities and puts creators first; but also to create an environment that removes the barriers that make it prohibitive for those with ideas to build blockchain applications.


The Creator Community Collaborator DAO, or CCC, is developing a platform to attract new digital creators by lowering barriers to building on the HarmonyOne chain including prohibitive costs and lack of access to developers, resources, and strategy. The CCC DAO calls itself a "Collaboration Platform" because it fosters growth and Web3 adoption between artists, developers, and investors towards enhancing and monetizing legacy and undiscovered communities. Moreover, CCC is an Impact DAO that will invest 4% of all profits into a community-chosen non-profit NGO or 501(c)(3).

The DAO will begin as a tool to connect developers, artists, and investors, allowing collaboration to occur with minimal risk. The founding developers are vetted based on their past experiences building live, on-chain projects.


The DAO’s contract will require developers to include a payment splitter in the project they build. Developers must return one percent (1%) of all proceeds from their projects to the DAO. Failure to do so results in blocking the release of funds from the project contract and reverts investor deposits back to the DAO contract. Those developers will also lose their developer tokens and no longer take part in the DAO.

Once the contract has a balance of ten thousand dollars (USD $10,000) in "One Tokens”, the contract will reinvest in building more projects on the HarmonyOne platform. The community will vote on which projects to invest in. Whether or not a project is completed will be determined by vote as well, and at such time that a project is deemed complete the DAO will release funds to the investors. The projects that the DAO sponsors will require a ten percent (10%) return of total proceeds to the contract. The DAO will re-invest these funds into new projects and pay out the investors, artists, and developers. Every time the DAO contract balance increases by thirty percent (30%), it will release ten percent (10%) of the funds and reinvest the remaining balance into more projects.

The contract releases the ten percent (10%) accordingly:

  • five percent (5%) returns to those holding the HERC-20 Tokens,

  • four percent (4%) goes to charity, and the remaining

  • one percent (1%) to Governance (see Figure 1 below).

The number of Tokens held divided by the number of Tokens in circulation equals the percentage of funds received.

Figure 1: Proportional Allocation of 10% from Proceeds


DAO Members will receive one of the three (Developer, Trust or Alumni) HERC-20 Tokens; these non-transferable tokens represent the member’s role in the community, the ability to vote and the number of successful projects completed. The number of tokens will stand for the members’ share in the allocated funds. Each address has only one vote; this hinders gaming the voting system and other forms of manipulation. DAO members will receive one HERC-20 Token at project initiation, and another for each project completed.


Phase One - Initiation (Pre-Operational Stage)

Trust Tokens HERC-20:

  • Trusted Developers will receive non-transferable “Developer Trust Tokens” to elect new members and gain permission to do project work. Each developer will receive one “Developer Trust Token” when voted into the platform and one for each completed project.

  • Trusted Artists will receive non-transferable “Artist Trust Tokens” to elect new members. Each artist receives one when voted into the platform and one for each completed project.

  • Investors do not receive HERC-20 Tokens upon entering the platform. They receive tokens upon completing their first project, called “Alumni Tokens”; these tokens are non-transferable and accumulate every time a project is completed.

  • Governance will invite artists and developers to join prior to launching the platform. Once the platform is launched, artists and developers will gain access via community vote. If denied entry, artists and developers may submit an appeal and supporting documents to Governance for review, including resumes, references, and past work. Governance will review the appeal at no cost to the applying talent.

  • In theory, the DAO incentivizes the community to add talented individuals given that the community allows the DAO to manage a higher volume of projects, resulting in more passive income.

  • Each artist and developer will be limited to working on one project at a time until that project is deemed completed by community vote.

Phase Two - Collaboration & Fundraising for the Future (Initial Operational Stage)

  • Users start out with one vote but can earn more tokens by successfully completing community projects. Investors can view a user’s token earnings in their wallets to gauge their success from past projects.

  • The total number of tokens a user holds, whether that be Alumni, Developer Trust, or Artist Trust Tokens, will contribute to their percentage of funds reallocated to the community. For example: A user owns four (4) tokens of any type. If there are one hundred (100) tokens in the ecosystem, when the funds are reallocated, that user will receive 4/100 or 4% percent of funds that were returned to the community from investments.

  • Submitting a Partnership or Investor project proposal will require paying a “Project Submission Fee” of USD $1,500. These fees will fund the project by paying artists, developers, and other key team members. A part of this fee ($50) will be non-refundable if denied, the proceeds of which will go into the Creator Grants Projects Pool.

  • The community holding HERC-20 Tokens reviews and votes on each proposal over a one week voting period.

  • All community members holding tokens (Alumni, Developer, or Artist) may give one vote to any project. Each address holding tokens will only receive one vote regardless of the number of tokens owned.

  • Developers and artists may bid on a project after voting to approve it. The contract will allow investors to select the artist and/or developer of their choice.

  • The DAO transfers Investor funds to a separate contract upon project acceptance.

  • The smart contract will hold funds reserved for paying developers upon project completion. When the smart contract’s balance increases, the contract will trigger a notice and open voting to the community to determine whether that project is complete. A successful project completion vote will result in the contract auto-deploying developer payments.

  • One percent (1%) of all project profits must return to the DAO, which will release the funds in the form of investor payment to the developers. This incentivizes the developers to properly build a payment splitter.

  • The community votes to resolve disputes between investors and developers. This means that, should the investor not want to release funds to the developer, they must reach out to the contract holding the funds and request a review, triggering a community vote. Both the investor and the developer will present their cases to the community on a Notion page; the funds are released after the community finishes reviewing the case.

  • The DAO releases revenues after a successful project completion.

Phase Three - Community Investments (Operational Stage)

(Begin upon contract earning USD $10K)

  • The Project returns one percent (1%) of the profits made from approved project grants. The DAO then reinvests these funds into the community for Creator Grants.

  • Submitting a Creator Grant is free if the applicant follows proposal guidelines highlighting the project’s vision, budget, partners, collaborators, and creators involved.

  • The governance community holding HERC-20 tokens will review and vote on each proposal over a two week vetting period.

  • The DAO encourages those looking to fund their projects to hire developers and artists from within the community. This incentivizes good behaviors by encouraging developers and artists to stay within the DAO ecosystem.The contract will pay out developers and stakeholders upon project completion.

  • The developers ensure the payment splitter is reallocating the proper amount of funding to the smart contract.

  • A payment splitter from the invested project must reallocate funds back into the DAOs contract for future investments.

  • Token Holders will split five percent (5%) of profits earned by the contract quarterly.

  • The DAO will allocate four percent (4%) of the funds to a community-chosen non-profit NGO or 501(c)(3).

  • One percent (1%) will be allocated by the Governance Team.


We expect that each individual responsible for governance will devote a minimum of 10-20 hours per week to this project. This denotes a pay rate of $20-40 per hour. The reason behind keeping costs lower than market rates (~USD $80k-350k) is because we believe in our project and are confident in our capacity to make it succeed. We also want to foster future growth and collaboration with HarmonyOne.

Our greatest expense is development; we have two, in-house, experienced blockchain developers dedicated to this project to ensure success. Considering market rates, we believe that our request is reasonable and reflects both our goodwill and confidence to execute. In addition, we will sponsor a senior blockchain developer to aid in the project. We also would like to host “Bug Bounties” given that the project will hold and transfer substantial amounts of One Tokens.

The marketing costs will primarily enable our team to find strong developer and artist candidates to add to the talent pool while also attracting new members looking to turn their dreams into realities.

Proposal Ask


It is our belief that together with HarmonyOne, we can bridge the gap not only between creators and developers towards generating high quality content, but also building a community that removes restrictions inhibiting creators from being able to see their dreams fulfilled on the blockchain.


Man I love how simple you guys kept this. Easy to read, straight to the point, cut out all of the fluff. Great proposal, wish you all nothing but the best.

If any of you are in Miami on April 6th, would love to meet some of you.


This is so needed!! Power to the people! Harmony and Equality!:pray::facepunch::innocent::raised_hands::100::partying_face:


Thank you! We appreciate the support. We are hoping this dream comes to life soon!


Hello @rcast171 (Rob)!

Thank you for the positive feedback! We hope to see this come to life. :slight_smile:

Unfortunately, none of us are going to be in Miami on the 6th. We are based in LA though, if you are ever here please reach out. In addition, please feel free to add us on linkedin. We are always looking to connect with those who have similar ambitions and interests.


That’s awesome. @Matty is in LA right now. We’re working together on YCC.


Oh nice! Hi @Matty, nice to meet you. Would love to hear more about what you both are doing. Please feel free to reach out via linkedin or email as well!


Thanks for your proposal, it has been assigned and the team will review and respond shortly :blue_heart:


Thank you @giv for your time and consideration.

Hello @Swim -

This is a really good proposal and I appreciate all of the hard work you put into it.

I want to point you to our DAO Funding Guidelines. Please note the attributes we look for as well as the Minimally Viable DAO milestone payments.

I do note that you have several of the attributes that we are looking for, although they may need a bit of modification.

  1. :question:Mandates: You have good mandates, but their description runs a bit long. Please work on them to shrink them to a “tweetable” length.

  2. :white_check_mark:Deliverables: You do a very good job laying out your deliverables over three months. Well done.

  3. :question:Metrics: I did not see any metrics associated with your deliverables. Did you post any?

  4. :white_check_mark: Signatories: You have identified 9 individuals to act as signatories for your multisig wallet. As a reminder, we encourage the DAOs to rotate these signatories every three months to ensure that the shared responsibility of the DAO is expanded to your community as well.

  5. :white_check_mark: Gnosis Multisig Wallet: Looks like you have already established your multisig. Well done.

  6. :question: Schedule Your Next Community Vote: I MAY have missed this, but I didn’t see anything in your proposal relating to another community vote. Is there one?

If you can bring together the missing attributes from above, I would be happy to approve this request for a $50K bootstrap grant to be paid out based on the Minimally Viable DAO guidelines (the details of which you can find here). I know this is less than what you requested, but would that be acceptable?


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Hi @Sam!

Thanks for the feedback. We are really excited to begin on this project. Below you will see the requested information.

Shortened Mandates:

Addition to Phase Two, final bullet point:

  • A successful project completion also triggers another community vote as to which will be the next project.


  • Project Submissions: 7
  • Contract Balance: $10,000 USD
  • Community Members: 100
  • Twitter Engagement: 500 followers
  • Discord Members: 1,000 Please let us know if you have any additional questions or requirements.

We are very excited to work with Harmony One to see this vision come to life.

Thank you,

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@Matty you should come by Swim HQ in Hollywood for a whiteboard session and some snacks if you’re in the neighborhood

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Hello @giv and @Sam,

The teams been working hard on this. I will provide links soon! I cant wait to show the progress.

Thank you,


Hello @giv, @Sam, and @DevinMarty,

I believe we have met deliverables 1 and 3.


Create a Multisig Wallet ($15K) : This milestone is covered in step 5 of the “Mighty Six” above. This is required as all assets of a DAO are shared amongst the community. Without a multisig, this would be impossible. All withdrawals from the DAO multisig should have a matching community vote to approve that withdrawal. This is how a DAO Shares Assets .

Social Token ($15K): All DAOs need to share a common interest, something that binds them together. By issuing a social token, you can identify your community, your tribe, your teammates and co-conspirators. A social token and an NFT are not the same thing. Social tokens are similar to membership cards, but they operate on-chain. They are fungible so that one is the same as another and - if the DAO wishes to sell them, rather than issue them - they all are at the same price. By deploying a social token, the DAO has shown it has a Shared Interest .

Here is our social token contract addresses and initial contract addresses are below:

Artist Token = 0x9d5b8bcf0232be9253ea3a76b5b4c9443eac285a
Block Explorer Link:

Investor Token = 0x99a3f011f075be68feb1754ef90b731547a9a77a

Developer Token = 0x3aec9b0f3c8de01a53a8be1087d63a969e0fd056

Initial Voting Contract:

CCC Governance = 0x5a04b7e93dd17f47611c12da473f853bfccd511e


Multi-sig Address = 0x05e87b61aE21963a143e7609117A287E1396aaCE


Thank you so much for your time and consideration! We are looking forward to building the community for our first vote!


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Great work, Team! I’m looking forward to seeing this project grow! :partying_face:

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Can’t wait to see this project in action!

Super excited about this project!

Thank you @Alyssa for (first time! How lovely!) commenting. I also think this is an amazing project, the team worked hard on the first two deliverables: creation of multisig wallet ($15k) and minting a token (also, $15k).

As you may know the funds coming out of the wallet won’t sign themselves, which is why I suggest lending a signee from Multisig DAO. You can read their proposal here (click).

Let’s stay inspired :blue_heart:


Good evening @essalacher,
I am not associated with this proposal but just curious to see if this has been approved or denied.
No info above.

I did notice this DAO proposer has written another partnership proposal today requesting 5M ONE…

Thanks so much!

Heard about this project today at lunch and looks like it was approved a while back. It will be great to see HarmonyOne get moving on funding so it can finally launch!