Lost tokens? Seed phrase brings me to a different wallet

Hello! I have been accumulating ONE for a bit now, and decided to stake them tonight. Almost as soon as I did that, my extension wallet glitched on me, so I removed it and reinstalled. When I typed in my password and the seed phrase, it brought me to a completely different wallet address with 0 balance, but my original wallet still exists according to the blockchain explorer. If anyone can help me figure out how to fix this it would be much appreciated! Not sure if needed, but I will put the two addresses in this message. Thank you!

Original wallet address: one109c5866mm3nhz62y994gfwrxa9xwpwuuxz6wrs
“New” address: one1q4tceqvxert8k86dzy6lyd0ke7l6w0g0vk08vg

Probably a typo in the seed phrase. One wrong character and you get a new wallet. Try again.

Or your handwriting is bad and you confused one word with another :sweat_smile:

It’s not a problem of the wallet, you can also try metamask but you will get the same result.