MetaCraft -- community-driven & play-and-earn gaming metaverse platform

Name of Project

MetaCraft: community-driven & play-and-earn gaming metaverse platform

Proposal overview

Inspiration: In traditional games, games are played for pure pleasure with no real-world reward structure for the end users playing the games. We saw players passionate for the new Play-and-Earn blockchain games and the financial incentives. While most blockchain games focus on Play-and-Earn, we want to focus on the fun of playing and offer real-world rewards as part of in-game achievements. This creates more stable in&out-game economic systems and thus a more sustainable game. With this background, we started MetaCraft to create a truly decentralized, multi-chain, community-driven virtual space where players can play, build, own, trade, and profit through skilled gameplay and contribution to the ecosystem.

MetaCraft is built on the backbone of the all-time most popular game Minecraft, which is well-known for its highly talented community and open-source ecosystems. Existing well-build community and
ecosystem will help us to achieve a rapid user acquisition and grow accordingly.
We are in prototype stage. Not live yet.

1. Project Introduction

Fully on-chain NFTs enabling P&E on Minecraft The MetaCraft NFT Project is a multi-chain game on the blockchain to enable Play-and-Earn on Minecraft. You can stake your Blockhead to generate in-game currency $BUILD and use $BUILDs to purchase Blockhead NFTs / Plots / various in-game props to enhance the playing experience. Features of ownership include:

  • Fully on-chain NFTs that live on the Blockchain forever.
  • Stake Blockhead to access an exclusive Minecraft world.
  • Generate $BUILD tokens by playing Minecraft.
  • Use $BUILDs to claim Plots of land in Minecraft as NFTs.

2. NFT

2.1 Blockhead NFT

BlockHead NFTs are generated on-chain, which each one uniquely randomized created when the NFT is minted. This means that instead of relying on third-party servers like IPFS, users’ NFTs are stored directly on the blockchain.

Each BlockHead NFT is a 64 x 64 pixel art, which also works as a Minecraft skin.

2.2 Plot map

The Minecraft server world consists of 12 x 18 plots, where each plot is 512 x 512 blocks. The map includes various biomes.


  • Implementing renting feature allowing user to rent out their BlockHead NFTs, Plots and other NFTs will significantly lower entry fees for new players, add a passive revenue stream to existing players and thus increase active usage of in-game items
  • Tokenomics designed to develop deflationary in-game currency that provides utilities for gamers.
  • DAO to allow users to vote on in-game development and directions of the project.
  • Partnership with existing minecraft servers / communities
  • Built out cross-chain compatibility allow Minecraft assets from other chains to be used within our ecosystem

Proposal ask

[Funding amount requested]

We are looking for $50k worth of ONE, which should be split into portions and released by milestones:

Milestone Tranche
Launching game contracts on a test-net (NFT minting, staking, play and earn) $10k
After forming a DAO with multisig (ideally 5-out-of-9 ) $10k
After launching MetaCraft on the Harmony mainnet with audit $10k
After 1K daily active users (with video launch, full PR promotion) $10k
After 10k daily active users (with a detailed roadmap, governance process $10k

Metrics for success

We believe that the biggest value of MetaCraft is the community, who play, build, earn, invest, and then attract more user to play. We aim to acquire 10k user.

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Hi guys, is this a draft or an incomplete submission?

they updated it since.

we met and know the team well from our local community. approved for $50k launch grant with the milestones listed in the proposal.


Had a few meetings with the team already and am excited to approve this grant application in project X.


Is it on mainnet now?

Interesting project, best of luck with it!

make that happen, folks!

Thanks Li. Appreciate the update.

@metacraft_dao - Looking forward to this project. We’d love :blue_heart: to see weekly updates on this thread here, to keep the community posted on this proposal’s progress!

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